DIY Projects

#DIY July ~ Your Family Room FLOR

  Today we are talking #DIY July and your family room FLOR. The family room can be the hub of all your summer activity from kids to friends, dogs and family in and out. So this floor can be a place your being to dread taking care of because it never really cleans up the way you’d like to in the end. Thanks to the generous folks at FLOR, this summer I was able to Read more

DIY Kitchen Recycling Center {Fix It Friday}

Today is Fix it Friday and today its all about creating a DIY kitchen recycling center. Recycling is awesome. As long as all of the things that are supposed to be recycled actually make it the recycling bing that goes to the curb and they don’t spend time lots of time sitting on the counter or going directly into the trash can. A major pet peeve for me has to be when my family takes Read more

Get Organized in December {Your Projects}

With Christmas just around the corner and your Holiday To Do List getting your full attention, believe it or not, turning your thoughts to how to get organized for the New Year is just smart planning.  By now I’m hopeful that your planner is in hand and already holding key dates and commitments for you and your budget is set and guiding your choices wisely.  Now its time to look at projects.  Successful project execution is Read more

How to Get Organized for the New Year with Projects

http://www.youtube.com/v/IYI4rfZAAX0?version=3&hl=en_US This is week 3 on how to get organized NOW in December for the New Year ahead.  So you’ve got your calendar, got your game on with color coding, you’ve got your budget set which tells you how far you can go in any one area, and now its time to look at projects.  You’ve done a little forecasting and know what’s coming so now its time to talk about how you will corral Read more