DIY Projects

#DIY Hall Coat Closet EasyClosets Product Solution

Welcome to the final video for our Funky Spaces #DIY Hall Coat Closet Series. We are in my house and you can see that this hall coat closet is the ultimate funky space thanks to this crazy ledge that completely stands in the way of using the space efficiently. You might recall that my goal in partnering with EasyClosets.com for this project was to create a space that we could actually work with. We had Read more

#DIY Hall Coat Closet Demolition

Today I’m sharing the second update for our Funky Spaces #DIY Hall Coat Closet series with EasyClosets.com. This time its all about our huge but ill designed hall coat closet and what kind of demolition we’ll be up to to make it product installation ready. Check it out! I am sitting inside my big walk in closet that is right off our home’s foyer and while its seems like it would be lovely, it’s completely Read more

Funky Spaces #DIY Hall Coat Closet with EasyClosets.com

Today begins the next installation in our Funky Spaces Series with EasyClosets.com and this time it’s all about our hall coat closet. There’s no time like the holidays when your house if full of guest and the coats they wear that you realize just how poorly designed and inefficient your space can be.  You might think I have the perfectly organized house. However just like you, I’m at the mercy of what the builder put into our Read more

Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone Decor and Accents

I am over the moon to finally share our completed entryway drop zone with you! After 4 weeks of searching of for the perfect hooks, we could not be more pleased with this wonderful transformation of our garage entryway closet to perfect entryway drop zone. Thanks to the support of EasyClosets.com and their amazing design tool and design time, we were able to create a space that meets our needs in all the right ways Read more

Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone Finishing Work

Welcome to the third video in our DIY entryway drop zone project series with EasyClosets.com We’ve gotten so much done and had a few eye opening decisions to make once we got done with demolition ~ check it out: Our first step was to take out the shoe molding ~ and then we realized we really needed to take out the baseboard as well.The reason we did this is it made it easier to install the Read more

Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone Demolition

Today is our demolition day for our entryway to drop zone project with EasyClosets.com. I’ve emptied out the space of all it had stored but there are a couple of things that have to happen with this space before we can put in the system. And knowing what you need to do is a very important part of any project process you may have.  You have to really step back and ask yourself “What has Read more

Funky Spaces ~ #DIY Entryway Drop Zone with EasyClosets

Do you have a space in your home that no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t work?  You know the kind of space I mean ~ all the organizing accessories in the world can’t overcome its fundamental design flaws and try as you might, you just can’t get it right. Well this week thanks to our partners at EasyClosets.com I am going to finally overhaul that exact spot in my house that hasn’t worked Read more

#DIY JULY ~ Family Photo Projects

I’m so excited for our final #DIY JULY because it’s the one that has made such a big difference in helping me both get organized and be creative all in one! Today we are talking about your family photos. Summer is a fantastic time to work on these because you are likely both generating a ton of new pictures and you need something fresh to offer your family today once it gets really hot and Read more

#DIY JULY ~ 5 Tips to Refresh the Deck

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to summer, we spend a ton of time outside. I love the fresh air, the warm sun, and I love to entertain. So our deck truly becomes an extension of our living space and in North Carolina, that really lasts 3 seasons long. So this summer our screened porch has been the epicenter for some very special family events and that meant it was time for Read more

#DIY July ~ Tween and Teen Room Makeover

Today is all about a tween and teen room makeover, taking that well loved but likely under used playroom and putting it to good use. When your kids are home in the summer, one area they might spend a lot of time in is your playroom. But what happens when no one’s using the space or it just isn’t outfitted in the way that it needs to be. That’s where we found ourselves. We started Read more