DIY Holiday Bundle

Tips for a Fabulous New Year’s Eve Party

For as much as I plan ahead, when it comes to New Year’s Eve I’m all about the last minute party at home.  Surprising I know, but we have the biggest time without any of the fuss.  Everyone who gathers wants to be there. No one has expectations. And you ring in the New Year with the people who make love you most. When our kids were babies we spent New Year’s Eve at home, celebrating early with Read more

How to Make a #DIY Holiday Planner

Now that November is in full swing its time to talk all things holidays and it all starts with the #DIY Holiday Bundle by GO MOM!®. Call me biased but after 15 years of making planners, I truly believe this is the ultimate holiday organizing tool to help you stay organized and on track so you can stay focused on enjoying the reason for your season, whatever that may be. So let’s check it out! And Read more

How to Host a Party and Still Have Fun!

Is it even possible to host a party and still have fun?  When the holidays get crazy and my schedule is too much, sometimes I find myself wondering but the answer is always a resounding YES!  And I don’t mean because you are drinking…but of course if you choose to that’s fine, in moderation, and if you aren’t driving.  One of my favorite phrases has to be “Choose Happy.”  Think about it ~ the only person Read more

Holiday Schedule and To Do List

Thanksgiving is over ~ are you ready for your holiday schedule and its long list of  to dos?  Today we are talking about how to Outsmart the Holiday Chaos starting with your holiday schedule and to do list.  The reality is you still have make dinner, make sure that homework gets done, make sure that the laundry, groceries, bill paying, and everything else that goes along with your daily life takes place.  Yet over about Read more

Holiday Baking Plan

I absolutely adore holiday baking!  One of my favorite parts of our Christmas celebration, I’m always looking for new recipes to share and festive ways to package them as I go.  Just check out our Organized Holiday Baking Pinterest Board and you’ll see exactly what I mean.  Today we are talking about how to Outsmart the Holiday Chaos when it comes to baking.  Believe it or not, something that is so fun and delicious can Read more

Check out the 2012 GO MOM! DIY Holiday Bundle

  Its time to get organized for the holidays! While November might seem late for some, its early for others and for me, its right on time to embrace my holiday sparkle.  Because I’m a girl who loves a tidy to-do list and a clear calendar too.  And of course, that means having a tool to keep me on track. So we created the GO MOM!® DIY Holiday Bundle!  Designed to help you Outsmart the Read more

Fall Stock Up for Holiday Fun

Because we love Halloween, in my house holiday fun kicks off in October and dominates till the end of the year. I do my best to focus on the holidays at hand but we both know a busy Mom’s to-do list never ends. Right about now your kids have transitioned from their Back to School shock and hopefully they are in a great routine. That means you can start to focus on all the special Read more

How to Organize Now for a Better Holiday Next Year

I’m wrapping up my holidays! Yes, literally as we wrap presents tonight with the kids, but figuratively too because the reality is, my holidays are over before they begin. I’ve finished my Holiday Checklist and I’m already thinking about next year and what I can do to continue to save both time and money freeing me to enjoy the true meaning of our season. Sharing a video from December 2010 that is all about taking Read more