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Get Organized with Daylight Savings

  Fall Daylight Savings is not my friend.  I gotta be honest, I dread this day ~ I truly do!  Yes I love that Daylight Savings means we are just a few short weeks away from the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years trifecta of festive fun.  But I struggle mightily with the shorter days and lack of sunshine.  I NEED my sunshine.  So like all things, I take it in stages, working hard to keep >> Read More

Spring Forward with Daylight Savings

Daylight savings means Spring forward and Fall back. This weekend we get to Spring forward and its my favorite of the daylight savings opportunities because of the extra hour. Even though in the Spring, you don’t actually get that extra hour, you actually lose an hour, but its that hour of sunshine that I want all day long. Here are my three tips to help you remember Spring Daylight Savings.   Set Your Clocks >> Read More