Fall Cleaning Tasks to Tackle Now!

  While Fall isn’t my favorite season it does have some organized benefits. As we turn the corner on Halloween this week, it’s those Fall cleaning tasks I dislike so much that give me a clean slate for the holidays.  And for someone like me, it’s those holidays that make this time of year so special. They make me want to gather friends and family, both spur of the moment and planned, to enjoy the Read more

How to Clean Baseboards {Fall Cleaning}

  Let’s be honest  ~ I don’t love to clean, like at all.  And for those who know me well, you know that when I talk about my to do list, cleaning is the last thing you will ever hear me mention. In a perfect world, someone would come and clean my house for me, but that is just not the way my life rolls. So when it comes to October we’ve got NFL football Read more

How to Clean Windows {Fall Cleaning}

Its time to focus on how to clean windows. I don’t love the cleaning thing ~ not inside, not outside. And I especially don’t like it when its just really dirty and you don’t have a choice but to clean it. And here in North Carolina, one thing we see on our windows in the Fall is a nasty covering of cobwebs, the spiders who make them, and the pine straw that gets stuck in Read more

How to Clean Your Carpets [Fall Cleaning]

Do you ever look at your carpets and think “Oh man that’s so gross! I wish I could get it cleaner.”  Well there are some things that you can do to make sure that your carpet is as clean as it can be based on how old it is and how you’d been able to take care of it up until this point. I admit carpet cleaning isn’t exactly an exciting topic ~ I mean its cleaning Read more

The WAHM Summer Juggle ~ Household Chores

Household chores might just be the greatest WAHM summer juggle there is. I don’t know about you but I always look to the summer and think “Wow! It will be so much easier for us to get the busyness and the back end work of taking care of house done without having to keep up every weekend. Surely I’ve got 5 days with my kids home and we can get the chores done.” Except for Read more

Family Command Center for Summer

A family command center for summer is key for an organized transition from the routines of school to the freedom of summer.  Thanks to the team at 3M, this year I’ve got some fun new products from the Home Collection by Posit-it® Brand, Scotch® Brand and Command™ Brands that will make our 2014 summer station all kinds of fresh and fun.  When it comes to centralized family calendaring, for the better part of 18 years Read more

How to Spring Clean Outside

Welcome to Week 4 in our March Spring Clean Series. Part of our year long GO MOM!® Organizing Tips helping you live like you are moving. Why? Because when you are moving, everything is definitely at its best. And you deserve for your house to be organized and in tip top shape all year long ~ its really not that hard. So I’ve saved the best for last which is getting the outside of your Read more

How to Spring Clean Your Bathroom {March Organizing Tips}

Today we are talking about how to Spring Clean your Bathroom. Week 2 in our March Series, part of our year long GO MOM!® Organizing Series to help you live like you are moving. Why? Because when you are moving, everything is in tip top shape and you know what? You deserve to live like that all year long and its easy to do. So straight from my own powder room here are some tips Read more

How to Spring Clean Your Kitchen {March Organizing Tips}

Welcome to March GO MOM!® Organizing Tips Series ~  you had to know it would be all about the Spring Clean!  Ω Today we are talking about the kitchen. Remember when we talked about how important it is to live like you are moving? When it comes to the kitchen, if you are looking at a house that someone else has lived in, you are going to have an eagle eye to make sure that its Read more

Simply Stated Blog on Real Simple ~ Chores

  Do you use your planner to manage household chores?  Earlier this month, we kicked off a 6 part series on Simple Stated, Real Simple Magazine’s Blog.  Created in partnership with Real Simple and Samsung, the series is rooted in the question, “Why work harder?”  Each installment focuses on a topic that when tamed, can make a busy woman’s life work smart so she doesn’t have to work hard. This week we are talking about how Read more