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Why Cast Members Make Disney Magical

Tonight I will have the amazing blessing to return to The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Disney’s Yacht Club, a beautiful Walt Disney World Resort.  I’m amazed to find myself here, even more humbled than before that somehow I will be able to share in this magic again.  A Walt Disney World College Program Alum, I can’t wait to spend our first day back in Epcot Center, taking in the Flower and Garden Festival and >> Read More

The Disney Promise 2011 Disney Social Media Moms As the President of Walt Disney World Resort, Meg Crofton has a huge job.  I can only imagine the complexity of the multiple business units and their operations that she overseas on a daily basis.  She has an army of leaders serving key roles making her executive umbrella possible, each of them equally committed in the pursuit of excellence that makes Walt Disney World what it is today.  To kick off the Disney Social Media >> Read More