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A Summer Break from Blogging

Just in time for a busy July, I’m in the midst of a summer break from blogging. But here’s a hint ~ given the fact that I’m posting today and the fact that Back to School season is right around the corner (have you noticed school supplies in your local box box store yet?) my summer break from blogging is winding down. Completely unplanned ~ I know, I KNOW!!! ~ taking a break from blogging found me so >> Read More

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Stop SOPA and PIPA Legislation

Good Morning GO MOM! Fans! Our website and FB will be quiet today in support of the movement to prevent SOPA and PIPA from being passed. What are they?  Two very powerful pieces of legislation that if passed, would have massive ramifications on how we all share content and navigate the internet. How can you get involved? Learn more here: >> Read More