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Back To School

Fridge Tips for Back to School

Back to school means back to making meals on a schedule and when it comes to the refrigerator, its time to come clean.  While the kitchen is where your family gathers, its the refrigerator that can make it or break it for smooth transitions and relaxing meals. With a simple plan for where to put things and the right storage solutions to enhance what your fridge design is meant to do, you’ll find everything runs >> Read More

Pantry Ideas for Back to School

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then pantry ideas for back to school are the secret to a smooth start of an organized school year.  The pantry is not only all about organized storage but its also a launching pad for life skills.  When organized well, you’ll find your personal to-do list gets shorter while your children’s independence grows and when it comes to all the daily tasks coming back into your >> Read More

How to Make a #DIY School Planner

Today its time to talk about how to make a #DIY School Planner. August is the bomb for all things back to school and when it comes to that paperwork, its up to you, Mom, to give it a home. So here are my tips on how to make a DIY School Planner and be in charge of that paper before it buries you! Use a Binder I like a durable binder with a slick >> Read More

Back to School ~ Family Communication Station

Nothing says back to school like a fresh set of school supplies!  And for me, that means its time to give our family communication station a fresh set of all the key things we need to work well together for an organized year.  If you haven’t noticed, back to school is when you discover how well, or not well, your family organization systems really work. From basic communication about the calendar or chores to being on time for >> Read More

Back to School ~ Yard Sale Tips

When is the last time you held a yard sale?  While it’s probably not the first thing on your back to school checklist, the reality is August is a fantastic time to have a “back to school!” themed yard sale.  If you are following along here at GO MOM! you know that late July and early August are all about organizing key spaces to get ready for the new school year.  And because the excitement about summer >> Read More

Entryway Ideas for Back to School

Back to school means its time for some fresh entryway ideas to get your family organized and out the door every single day. Quite possibly one of the most important spaces to focus on, the entryway is a series of dominos. If you line each activity up in the right order, they will naturally fall into place and everyone wins the game of how to stay organized. As part of the year long series GO MOM!® Organizing Tips, August >> Read More

Back to School ~ 7 Tips Just for Mom

I’m always excited for the  first day of school!  No really, I am but not because I’m doing the happy dance to send my kids off and reclaim my workdays.  I’m happy for the fresh start that the first day of school always offers.  New friends, new teachers, new opportunities to explore, create, and discover your dreams.  And of course new color coded school supplies and all kinds of Sharpies!  While reclaiming my focus as a >> Read More

Back to School ~ How to Organize Kids Closets

Focusing on how to organized my kids closets is one of the first spaces I get ready for back to school. After a busy summer, kids closets can be the downfall of any organized home.  Thanks to the freedom and fun of all that activity, my kids always have some work to do to tighten up their space to get it ready in time for back to school. Because I’m a big believer in making >> Read More

Homework for Kids ~ An Organized Space

When it comes to homework, there’s not a Mom I know who doesn’t do her best to make sure this often daily task becomes a positive and productive habit instead of a daily drama.  The first week of August has us talking all things back to school with the release of our brand new Back to School Printable Bundle that includes a fabulous checklist to get you on your organized way.  While homework might not be a near term reality >> Read More

Back to School Summer To-Do List

Its late July and like it or not, the back to school season has totally arrived. Clothing stores saw the beginning of back to school product placement as early as the end of June and the office supply stores have been hosting penny deals on school supply basics since mid July. While many of us may just be settling into our 2nd month of summer, plenty of Moms are already shopping and adjusting schedules to >> Read More