Back To School

Top 6 College Shopping Tips for Moms

If you are the Mom of a rising college freshman, you are in the countdown to dorm move in day just 4 short weeks away! And that means it’s time to buy ALL the things to make sure your child is ready. Except here is the thing ~ he really doesnt need ALL the things. But he definitely needs some key things you may not already have ~ can you say Twin XL bedding made Read more

Back to School ~ 5 Spaces to Organize Now

Depending on where you live, you may be counting down the days to a mid-August first day of school. For those in the Northeast, this won’t happen until after Labor Day. And thanks to year round school calendars for some, here in North Carolina we’ve had “back to school” banter since 4th of July. While I love that our kids don’t start until late August, I’d be lying if I said my quest for peace Read more

College Move In Day Tips For Moms

If you have college aged kids, mid August means navigating College Move In Day.  If it were only about logistics, you know we’d be fine, getting the job done like the awesome Moms we are.  But it’s the part about letting go a piece of your heart that makes for all kinds of chaos, tears, extra long hugs, and yes, that edginess and silence that comes with knowing you are walking through a HUGE moment Read more

September Routines for Busy Moms

I’ll be honest…every school year it takes me until about the third week of September to hit my organized groove. You know that sweet spot where all those new routines are starting to work and your people seem to had accepted the process relatively well? For those whose kids went back to school after Labor Day, this year it was particularly late and I can’t fault you one bit for not even being remotely ready Read more

Back to Campus with Barnes & Noble MasterCard

As the parent of high school and college students, back to campus shopping is never easy on the budget.  No matter how hard I try, there are always unexpected expenses that pop up and they often surround text books, study guides, and supplies.  Thanks to ResourcefulMommy Media for engaging me to write this sponsored post by the Barnes & Noble MasterCard, powered by Barclaycard, this fall I’ve got a few new tricks to try to keep those expenses Read more

Is Social Media Good for Schools?

The start of the new school year has arrived and this year I’m particularly aware of an increased use of social media by individual schools. And frankly, it has me asking if social media is good for schools at all. As an involved parent with kids in multiple schools (including college), I follow the Wake County Public Schools Twitter Feed. If you’ve never checked it out, it’s particularly brilliant during exams and with weather delays. When the Read more

Back to School Bundle ~ Printables by GO MOM!

Have you heard the buzz about my favorite GO MOM!® printable at this crazy time of year? The  GO MOM!® Back to School Bundle is literally the ONLY way I can guarantee my own organized success. Seriously. Over the years I’ve shared all kinds of tips and insights about how to scale the insanely long to do lists that seem like they appear from no where (even though we knew it was coming all summer long!) and deal with Read more

School Routines for a Smooth September

Between August and September, back to school season is in full swing and families across the country are adjusting to their new routines. When it comes to school routines there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to make sure the switch from the freedom of summer to the restrictions of the school year will go well. So here are my tips. //www.youtube.com/v/pwIMd2CxCz8?version=3&hl=en_US Homework Routines Homework not only needs a place Read more

Kids Backpacks and School Papers

Today we are talking about kids backpacks and school papers ~ how you can get through them with the best result.  Kids backpacks ~ you gotta love them! Who knows what’s in there at the end of the day right? Well the challenge for a busy Mom is you need to know what’s in there because you need to stay in touch with your child’s school, teachers, and stay on top of how your child Read more

Get Organized on Back to School Night

Not long after the first day of school, it’s time for back to school night just for parents.  A kind of meet the teacher for grown ups, these school meetings in a parents only setting give our children’s teachers the opportunity to give us scoop on what we can expect for our children in the coming year.  I’m always grateful for back to school night because it gets me in the zone, gets my calendar set Read more