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Thank You She Streams 2012 I’m so excited about this video because it I filmed it from my phone and loaded it to You Tube directly, something I hope to do more of in the future as I continue to attend and coordinate events onsite. Thanks to Maria Bailey and her awesome team at BSM Media for all that they did to make She Streams 2012 happen with such tremendous success!. I loved having so many great conversations, getting >> Read More

Power Moms Panel at She Streams 2012 Last month I had the honor to attend and speak at She Streams in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. A wonderful mix of social media influencers and brands focused on video blogging, podcasting, mobile, and more, I learned so much and found myself squarely rooted with colleagues who speak my language.  The brain child of the foremost expert on marketing to Moms, BSM Media CEO Maria Bailey chose well to come home to her native Florida.  The >> Read More

Making Mobile Video at She Streams 2012 I’m attending She Streams this weekend and challenged myself to take video directly on my smartphone and uploading it directly from there to my You Tube channel. So…the part where its sideways…I didn’t realize that I need to hold my smartphone horizontally and told the person who so kindly held my camera to hold it vertically.  Once loaded to You Tube I could change the orientation to proper position.  But I LOVE that I >> Read More

HTC Flyer Tablet Review Holiday Tech 2011

My kids love technology ~ what’s new?  If you are raising kids then you are navigating technology and when it comes to my teens, they are always interested in the latest new thing.  This year, its all about tablets.  My sons are constantly reminding me that most of their friends have not just one IPad or Tablet at home, but often there are at least two for everyone to share, not to count laptops and >> Read More

Stay Connected at She Streams by Stocking the Fridge My final step as I get ready for She Streams in just a week is to make sure I stay connected by stocking the fridge.  I know its crazy right? You aren’t going to be home so why in the world should you have worry about what your family eats?  Its not like my husband cooks up a storm before he travels for me to have an easier trip.  But if he’s the cook >> Read More

Stay Connected at She Streams by Cleaning Your House I travel for work, I clean the house. I can here you now saying “Well of course you do Molly! You are a neat freak!” Well first things first ~ I am not a neat freak. However I do prefer things to be generally well organized and when it comes to traveling to conferences like She Streams and more, I’m all about leaving a clean house. Yes it makes my to-do list ahead of >> Read More

Stay Connected at She Streams by Doing Your Laundry I’m sorry if you are embarrassed but its time we talk about your dirty laundry! Its a time consuming task no matter how you do it ~ I’m a mix between keeping up daily by throwing in a load at night and then drying it in the morning and spending at least one day a week doing multiple loads for linens and more. The reality is no matter how hard I try to keep >> Read More

Stay Connected at She Streams by Minding Your Money In today’s busy world, more and more Moms find themselves serving as the family financial manager. Regardless of our working status, its a natural extension given that we are both decision makers about consumer spending and most often also the person who actually completes the transaction. Naturally we find ourselves managing bank accounts, balancing checkbooks, setting budgets, and yes, handing out allowances to teach our children the same. When you travel for work, you >> Read More

Stay Connected at SheStreams by Mapping Your Schedule Disclosure: This is a post in a series sponsored by She Streams and ATT. I was compensated for my video blogs. My opinions and ideas are entirely my own >> Read More