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Back to School Summer To-Do List

Back to School Summer To-Do List

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Its late July and like it or not, the back to school season has totally arrived. Clothing stores saw the beginning of back to school product placement as early as the end of June and the office supply stores have been hosting penny deals on school supply basics since mid July. While many of us may just be settling into our 2nd month of summer, plenty of Moms are already shopping and adjusting schedules to have their kids ready for school in early August. For me, we have just crossed the midway point and now is when I put on my back to school thinking cap even if my kids have no idea I’m in the zone.  Because the last thing I want to do is overlook the summer fun right before my eyes, I narrow my focus to a few key areas that will mesh with our daily routine, making it easy to get a jump start on getting ready for the big day a little bit at a time. This year, I’m over the moon to share our brand new Back To School Bundle available August 1st, 2014.  Its overflowing with all the best back to school planning printable worksheets and forms in town and I can’t wait to start working with a copy of my own!  For now, here is my summer to-do list for getting ready for back to school during an organized July:

Set A Back to School Budget

Create a document or use an online budget tool to help you map your needs with your finances so you stay on track. Use last year’s expenses as a guideline, making sure to include supplies, clothing, and the numerous fees back to school includes such as PTA memberships, spirit wear, club memberships, and more.

Don’t Buy Fall Clothes

For most of us the weather on the first day of school is still Summer seasonal and therefore you can often delay purchasing Fall clothes until the 4th week of September…which is when Fall actually begins…and is also about the time the new fall collections begin to really go on sale. I’m all for starting the year with a few pairs of new shoes and a special outfit or two, but I’m also determined not to spend more than I need to when it comes to kids clothes.

Shop Penny and Quarter Sales

Every weekend you’ll find office supply stores offering a few products for just a penny or a quarter. Most often these are generic items every student will need, like notebook paper, rulers, folders, glue, and more. Make it a point to purchase these items as they come up even without your classroom supply list. I guarantee you it will be something you will need. Also keep an eye out for deep discounts on tissues, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, sanitizing wipes, zip lock bags, and dry erase markers. These are items I see increasingly on teacher’s wish lists and we all know they spend far more of their own funds purchasing items than they should.

Pay it Forward

Encourage your children to give as they grow by making a Penny Pay It Forward back to school tradition. Have each child use their allowance weekly to purchase enough penny and quarter items to fill a recyclable shopping bag. Then donate this bag to your school office for them to distribute as needed. It will teach them that as you prepare them for school, taking care of their needs, they can be part of making their school fully equipped no matter what budget challenges each principal may face.
I’ve never met a back to school season I didn’t like. Even as a child, I loved the excitement of new school supplies, a few new outfits, and the chance to be with friends new and old. As a Mom, I find the back to school season my busiest time of year so it just makes good sense to start early with the basics so we can stock up as we go. Tell me…
When do you start working on back to school plans and purchases?
Do you save all year to be ready without stress?

Because this is not only my busiest season but one of my favorites too, if  you love to pin, we’ve got a great Back to School Pinterest Board that is full of inspiration for almost any back to school topic under sun.  Be sure to check out our brand new Back to School Bundle giving every form and worksheet you could want to organize your way to the best school year ever!  Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

Download your free back to school checklist here!

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