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Stay Connected at She Streams by Stocking the Fridge

My final step as I get ready for She Streams in just a week is to make sure I stay connected by stocking the fridge.  I know its crazy right? You aren’t going to be home so why in the world should you have worry about what your family eats?  Its not like my husband cooks up a storm before he travels for me to have an easier trip.  But if he’s the cook in the house, maybe he should.  In our family, my husband and I split cooking dinner and I do all our grocery shopping.  So it makes perfect sense that I’ll be thinking of more than just dinner and that’s why when I travel, I make sure to stock the fridge.  Here are my tips for how to do this with ease:

1. Make a menu. Think breakfast, lunch and dinner for the time you’ll be away and make sure to include at least one each of your children’s absolute favorites. No, I’m not saying let them go to McDonald’s and eat junk food, that’s not the point!  Think of things that are easy meals that you know everyone will definitely eat such as spaghetti or tacos. Keep it to 30 minutes and 5 ingredients or less so that your partner can juggle as uneventfully as possible.

Extra credit: Make ahead one meal that is a Mom’s specialty. Its a great way to help your family feel you close and stay connected, eating your special meal and knowing you are there even when you aren’t.

2. Plan to eat out. I’ve gotten in this habit when I travel.  Along with my schedule folio (you can’t be surprised by that!) I’ll tuck in a few gift cards and coupons to a local restaurant or two.  Its a pleasant surprise for both my husband and my kids and gives him the kind of night off from cooking that I know I truly appreciate when I’m taking care of things at home.

3. Dinner is on Mom. Make sure to plan what you’ll be eating those first few nights once you get home from your trip.  When you get back from your 3 days at She Streams, you want focus on reconnecting with your family, letting them share with you what they were doing while you were gone.  You also want to give yourself a day or two to get back into the family schedule groove.  So take dinner off your to-do list by simply making a meal or two ahead that you can easily re-heat those first few days back.

Staying connected with your family is so important and one way to make sure that runs smoothly is freeing yourself to be focused on your family.  Stocking your fridge is a simple step to make that happen.  Do you leave a menu or make meals for your family ahead of time?


Disclosure: This is a post in a series sponsored by She Streams and ATT. I was compensated for my video blogs. My opinions and ideas are entirely my own.

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