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Spring Cleaning Tips for March

Spring Cleaning Tips for March | gomominc.com


By March I’m twitchy for a fresh start. Winter has worn out its welcome with my outdoor loving heart and I’m ready for the welcome relief of more sunshine in my days and time spent at the ball field or tennis court with our kids as they slay the new sports seasons.  Now that the stress of our yearly family finance overhaul has come and gone, I’m eager to make sure my entire home is as streamlined, and clean, as it can be.  And that means time spent making lots of donations of unused or outgrown items and that always makes me feel better about our focus on living with less.

If you are working Your 12 Month Organizing Plan, this is next step in your year long journey to tackle one organizing topic a month.  So it only goes to serve that we’d follow what you are naturally thinking about now and after the unusually cold winter all over the nation, its time to open the windows and get your home clean inside and out! Thankfully, we’ve got four spring cleaning areas for you to focus on one week at a time ~ check it out!

Spring Cleaning Tips for March | gomominc.com


How to Spring Clean Your Kitchen {March Organizing Tips}


How to Spring Clean Your Bathroom | gomominc.com

How to Spring Clean Your Bathroom {March Organizing Tips}


How to Spring Clean Your Entryway | gomominc.com

How to Spring Clean Your Entryway {March Organizing Tips}


How to Spring Clean Outside | gomominc.com

How to Spring Clean Outside {March Organizing Tips}

Tell me…

When do you start your spring clean?

What areas of your home are you working on?

If you do better with a checklist or two to point you in the right direction, we’ve got a FREE printable for that! And on the first official day of Spring, March 20th, we’ll have a brand new Spring Organizing Checklist just for you!  As a special thank you to our GO MOM! Email Subscribers, we have a wonderful FREE Printables library to help you get and stay organized in many ways. You’ll find our FREE 12 Month Home Organizing Plan and Room by Room Home Organizing Plan Checklist there as well as our brand new Home Management Bundle which has some wonderful Cleaning Checklists to help you every week, all year long.  If you love Pinterest, be sure to check out our Spring Cleaning Tips Pinterest Board for all kinds of cleaning inspiration. And believe me, I so totally need them because while I LOVE to organize, the cleaning thing? Not so much!

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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