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Spring Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Are you ready to spring clean your kitchen cabinets?  A great weekend project, it’s a mini project that has a big impact towards keeping an organized home all year long.  It also makes tasks like spring cleaning not nearly as time consuming as it may have been in the past.  There will always be key tasks that demand more time, like pulling out the fridge to vacuum behind it, giving the the inside of the fridge a deeper clean than usual, or scrubbing down the trash cabinet which while super convenient can get really gross.  Once you get done with the big stuff, its time to open the cabinets and take a look at what you have that is seasonally important.  Here are the four things that mean Spring in my kitchen cabinets:

Allergy Medication

All five of us suffer seasonal allergies so what I do is create a labeled storage bin that contains them all and each bottle is labeled with its owner’s name.  When we are all getting ready in the morning, I simply set it on the counter and everyone who is able can get what they need.  Of course my husband can handle his own and the teens can get things link nasal spray, etc., but using this bin makes it really simple to point everyone in the right direction when they ask “Mom where are the eye drops?”

Pain Medication

I’m not gonna lie, this is for my husband and myself!  Spring always finds us renewing our workout vows and its always good to have what you need on hand if you’ve pushed it too far.  As well, with so many allergy sufferers, sinus headaches can be frequent so its just easy to have pain reducers nearby.


Because we are so busy in the Spring, I purchase vitamins in huge containers and have them lined up along one side of the cabinet to keep things orderly and easy to find.

Water Bottles

Take a minute to go through and get rid of those that have seen better times and replace any parts that need refreshing for those you want to keep.  We go through water bottles like crazy!  If I were to buy water in plastic bottles, I would spend a fortune in the spring when we are at our busiest with all three kids in sports and out away from home so often.

These are just a few things to keep your eye on as you go through your kitchen spring clean.  Designate a place to store your allergy medications, have pain medication near by, keep vitamins handy, and have those water bottles ready to grab and go.  All important tools to keep you healthy and moving along this spring while keeping your kitchen generally well organized all year long.  Tell me…

What items do you bring into your kitchen cabinets in the spring?

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  • BusyWorkingMama April 16, 2012, 12:44 pm

    I did this in our large pantry one time and was shocked that I found unopened, expired allergy medicine. It is amazing how quickly the clutter adds up! Great tips.

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