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Shortcuts for an Easy Halloween

Shortcuts for an Easy Halloween |

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When it comes to Halloween, I’m all about shortcuts that keep my holiday to-do list running smoothly while we actually focus on the fun.  And having special traditions goes a long way to to knock out a variety of Halloween activities in one fell swoop.  At it’s most basic, each year we dedicate a day for pumpkin carving in the afternoon followed by a cookout.  Depending on what day of the week Halloween falls on, we’ve often done this on a weeknight with my husband coming home early which is always a big hit.  For years we’ve included watching “Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!” video and when the scheduling Gods are smiling on me, we can even work in some Booing time too.  Family time at its finest, as the kids have grown, we’ve made sure to welcome others to join us too.

Once we’ve tackled the holiday traditions side of Halloween, its time to turn to shortcuts for an easy Halloween night.  Just as important to be prepared, here are my tips to minimize the details for maximum fun.

Easy Halloween Safety Tips

  • Carve ahead. Excitement can run at mach speed on the actual day and if you aren’t careful you will find yourself at the emergency room instead of on the porch handing out treats.  Carve pumpkins a few days before to spread out the excitement for as long as you can.
  • Make it safe. Avoid knives altogether by offering younger children pumpkin decorating kits like the adorable Mr. Potato Head series.  Offer older children carving tools with templates that will help them create artwork all their own.
  • Illuminate with ease. Choose battery operated tea lights, a strobe light, or short, wide pillar candles that will handle the time frame safely without burning out.

Easy Halloween Trick or Treat Tips

  • Use a bucket: Choose one with a wide opening like a witch’s cauldron so kids can easily get a piece or two.  Make sure you have an allergy free option like pretzels just in case and set those aside in another container equally as fun.
  • Go candy free: Glow sticks or Halloween Coupon Books from Wendy’s or McDonald’s are always a hit and perfect to give to any teenagers just having fun. With a charitable contribution made from your purchase you can’t go wrong.
  • Take it easy: Give yourself a spot to sit or stand and keep a stash of magazines, bottle water, your camera, and of course that candy nearby, letting you greet in waves and enjoy them all night long.

Easy Halloween Picture Tips

  • Strap on your gear: If your phone isn’t well equipped for fabulous photos, choose your smallest camera or camcorder and make sure you have wrist straps to keep them handy and out of the way all in one.  If you can, choose one device that will take both pictures and video.  But make sure take those fabulous costume pictures before you leave.  Anything during or after will simply be your good luck.
  • Share your shots: Start a tradition Halloween photo tradition where each year as part of your home decor, you have a photo nook where past year’s photos are in full view.  Use a Halloween specific frame and drop your shots in as soon as you can hit print.
  • Be a gracious guest: Pre Trick or Treating parties are a true delight and you need to thank your hostess for taking her time to give your family that special memory.  Go picture frame every time since costumes are worth capturing and offer it in cute seasonal reusable bag.

These are just a few shortcuts that let you organize and easy Halloween that is full of far more treats than tricks.  Tell me…

What are your favorite shortcuts for an easy Halloween?

For more great ideas for all things Halloween, check out our Halloween Pinterest Board where you’ll find all kinds of ideas you can totally pull off this week ~ I promise!  Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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