She Streams 2012

Hi! This week I’m thrilled to be attending the She Streams Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. There are three things I’m hopeful I’ll be able to do while I am there:

1. Networking: I’m really looking forward to connecting with both brands and colleagues who are raising the bar in how we do the business of video.  Conference founder and CEO of BSM Media Maria Bailey has created an amazing conference that brings together an fascinating mix of innovative, genuine, game changing personalities.  She leads the industry in understanding what makes Moms tick and connecting brands to the hearts of their consumers with ground breaking results and consistent success.  This year’s conference promises to do the same.

2. Try New Tech Twists: First, I’d love to try live blogging from the conference. This means I’ll have my blog open, ready to go, take notes and write a post as the session is happening and then publish the post just as soon as the session is done. If you know me and know that last year, our site wasn’t even on WordPress and I wasn’t even able to edit my site on my own, you would see that this is monumental for me! Second, I’d like to actually take some video directly from my phone. This is not something I do regularly and its something I’d like to perfect. And finally the third tech twist would be to take some video from my Mac or phone and upload it directly to You Tube. Being able to take video on You Tube is very easy ~ being able to do that on site might be a great chance to share something real time that would bring value to those watching from home.

3. Invest in Me: I’m honored to be speaking and sharing insights about topics I have a little bit of background in.  But more than anything, I’m excited to be able to focus on my craft, my colleagues, and the technology that’s changing how the business that I’ve found myself in is moving is really important. Without distraction and with total focus, I can soak in the awesome and continue to build my toolbox for success.

So the Spring I challenge you to do the same at home.  It doesn’t matter if you are going to a professional conference or considering putting your name in to run for office for the PTA next year. My questions for you are as simple as this:

  • Are you networking? Spending time with your girlfriends or your colleagues?
  • Are you challenging yourself to do something new? Think try a great new camera or maybe pick up a new sport?
  • Are you investing in yourself? Simply pulling yourself away from your everyday pressures at home or at work and saying I matter! What I I’m interested in matters!

If you apply those three steps to what you are doing, you’ll be as excited as I am when you pursue the next best thing for you. For me, its going to be attending She Streams with The Stow Company’s support and I’ll look forward to sharing all kinds of insight while I’m there. So keep your eye out for some real time posting!

Tell me…what is your new this Spring?

Disclosure: Special thanks to She Streams for inviting me to speak and for The Stow Company working together as a partner for my participation. My opinions are entirely my own.

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