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September Routines for Busy Moms

September Routines for Busy Moms |

I’ll be honest…every school year it takes me until about the third week of September to hit my organized groove. You know that sweet spot where all those new routines are starting to work and your people seem to had accepted the process relatively well? For those whose kids went back to school after Labor Day, this year it was particularly late and I can’t fault you one bit for not even being remotely ready to talk routines much before now.  Goodness knows I personally hang onto every last minute of summer that I can!  But before we dive head first into an always busy Fall, I’ve got a few home management routines that I REALLY want you to focus on first.  I know, Fall is here, but if you are honest with yourself your home management routines could probably use a little tweaking before you take on the additional chaos that only the holiday season can bring.  So check out our September Home Management Routines for busy Moms!

Back to School Calendar Routines for Busy Moms | #diy #bts

Calendar Routines are where the secret to our GO MOM!® Organizing Tips really begins. September is the time of year when busy Moms are adjusting to an entirely new calendar, full of new activities and expectations. Its a delicate dance of work commitments, after-school activities, helping kids navigate new homework loads, and then there is dinner. It speaks for itself. So here are my tips to help you get focused on where your organized life begins ~ calendar routines.


Back to School Routines for a Smooth September

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By September, the reality of the new year has hit full on and let’s face it, this isn’t always pretty. So much to adjust to and not just for kids, now more than ever you need to create school routines for everyone’s best success.


Meal Plan Routines for Busy Moms |

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Do you have a meal planning routine? It’s okay if you don’t, really.  Because after a summer of eating whatever we felt like, now that our schedules are crazy again I truly need this as much as you! Show me a busy Mom whose not stressed out at 5 o’clock wondering what she’s going to make for dinner after she gets home form work or carpool and I’ll show you a busy Mom whose figured out how to meal plan well. And of course, that routine totally includes our GO MOM!® Back to School Bundle Organized Meals Worksheets too!

Kids Backpacks and School Papers | #bts #organize

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Kids backpacks ~ you gotta love them! Who knows what’s in there at the end of the day right? Well the challenge for a busy Mom is you need to know what’s in there because you need to stay in touch with your child’s school, teachers, and stay on top of how your child is doing in class. Here is the process that I use when it comes to kids backpacks and school papers.

Get Organized on Back to School Night |

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Not long after the first day of school, it’s time for back to school night just for parents. A “Meet the Teacher” for grown ups, these school meetings in a parents only setting give our children’s teachers the opportunity to give us scoop on what we can expect for our children in the coming year.  I’m always grateful to get organized on back to school night because it gets me in the zone, gets my calendar set, and most importantly helps me best know how I can support both my children and their teachers for our mutual success.

Tell me…

What is the September home management routine that is the hardest for you to master?

Just because the school year has already started doesn’t mean it’s too late.  Our Back to School Printable Bundle truly is the ultimate school year checklist, helping you break down what you need to focus on while outlining key organizational tasks both at home and for school.  It also just happens to be the perfect compliment to our 2015-2016 GO MOM!® DIY Academic Planner helping you focus on managing your time and your tasks with the best Organized Week worksheet around. Truly I have no idea what I would do without these tools each and every September. They are the how behind why I have successful routines and the secret to how I Outsmart the Chaos each and every day!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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