Senior Year Tips ~ Your Calendar and Graduation

Senior Year Tips ~ Your Calendar and Graduation | gomominc.com

Today we are talking senior year tips for high school graduation and your calendar. Every busy Mom knows that when you get to May and June depending on the school year, you are overrun with can’t miss dates. From the end of the season, competition play offs, to the end of the school year picnic, to exams ~ you name it, our calendars are basically in lock down. And when it comes to your child’s senior year of high school, it’s even more important that you know all these dates are coming so that you can block time off and plan for them in advance. Check out my tips:

Look for scheduled yearbook pictures the summer BEFORE senior year.

You might not be aware of this just yet but many high schools do a uniform dress for senior year yearbook pictures. A tuxedo for the boys, a simple black top for the girls. This is something they put on and you don’t have to supply. Just remember these pictures happen separately from the rest of the school and in the summer.

Order cap and gown in October.

The ordering period for cap and gown usually happens in October. Of course you don’t need it until May or June but you have to order it well in advance. This is an easily missed detail during the busy fall must seniors have so you want to keep an eye out for any school emails or notices that tell parents when the supplier will be on campus to get those ordered.

Order graduation ceremony tickets in April.

Boy are these a hotly contested item! Many high schools have graduation ceremony ticket limits based on the size of the facility they host in the event. Lets face it ~ if there are 700 graduates and everyone gets 6 tickets that’s 4,200 people! So you may have a limited number, get a few from a lottery systems, and beg anyone with an extra to share. So plan ahead for those ticket release dates because they are often processed in order they are received. You also want to give yourself more than enough time to decide and discuss which family members will actually be able to attend the graduation.

Order graduation announcements and party invitations 2 months before each date.

It’s so important to do this with more than enough time so you aren’t tackling something time consuming right before the big day. The great news is with so many online stationers, you’ll find it easy to get personalized items within a reasonable amount of time. Because I like to do things early, I’m okay with not including a picture of our son in his cap and gown on the announcement so I can have them all addressed and ready to go the day he actually graduates. I’m also not hosting a party outside our extended family (his choice) so I don’t have to be concerned about getting the invites out early enough for everyone to block their time. Its all about backing things out early enough for everyone to rsvp and allow you time to prepare.

Block your calendar for exams, Baccalaureate, and graduation day itself.

All of these seem easy to overlook because they are so obvious. And you might not have a Baccalaureate service along with your graduation ceremony. But in the flurry of activity that will be this last May for your high school senior, its good to block things out no matter how big or small.  Extra credit? Make sure you plan for letterman night, senior awards assembly, senior day, and graduation rehearsal too! I know ~ and it all happens in the end of May.

So as you look forward to your rising senior’s coming year, these are the calendar dates you need to know for graduation now. While I know it all seems so far away, it will be here before you know it and you won’t be able to stand in the way of time. If you are a busy Mom with a high school senior graduating this spring tell me…

What ‘s on your calendar that you have been most concerned about being sure to note well in advance?

Leave us a comment and let us know. If you love Pinterest, check out our Graduation Pinterest Board where I’m collecting all kinds of ideas as I plan our first born’s graduation this spring. Just like you, I’m learning as I go so feel free to share any tips that served you well.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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