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Sea Shell Crafts that Make Summer Last

Molly Gold Copyright 2012

I’m not exceptionally crafty ~ which is not to say I don’t love a good DIY craft.  Its just at some point along the way, I realized that while I’d love to be that girl who comes up with all those awesome ideas, I’m far more likely to simply follow those crafty DIY girls for inspiration and to make an occasional project  my own.  Okay well with my daughter and most likely seasonal because we are all about some seasonal sparkle.  And when they have limited effort with maximum return.  I mean like three or fewer steps.

My husband and I spent much of Labor Day weekend working on our home. Our family’s busy season is Spring and Summer and this year, between the excessive heat and being home so little, we spent hardly any time on our screened in porch.  We love this part of our home and enjoy it immensely all Fall long so needless to say it desperately needed a good power wash, scrub down, and some freshening up.  Our to-do list was long with items to fix all over the house so we headed out to Lowes Home Improvement.  While there, we found end of season half price heaven.  When it came to the outdoor living section, you name it, it was on sale.  So…I scooped up both the solid blue and striped cushions along with the wonderful nickel lantern.  I’ve been wanting to add both more cushions and lanterns to our porch for ages so I was thrilled.

Molly Gold Copyright 2012

We purchased one medium lantern for the wicker basket we use as a coffee table, one tall one to sit next to a chair we have off to the side ~ a spot to ponder and take in the beauty of the yard.

A Spot to Ponder
Molly Gold Copyright 2012

And three small ones to set on our table as the center piece.  Not wanting to do standard edition cintronella candles and not needing them inside my screened porch, we headed over to Pier One almost next door to look for candles and totally scored.  Loving the beach more than any other place on Earth, I was over the moon to find these beautiful sea shell based candles and my husband agreed they would look awesome inside the lanterns. Set next to the candle display was a glass bowl full of shells.  I can’t take the credit on my own, but after talking about beach decor and the deck, it became clear that placing our recently collected sea shells inside the lanterns and around the base of the candle would be the bomb.

When we returned home we asked the kids to sort through our many sea shell treasures from our trip to Atlantic Beach and find their favorites along with making sure they gathered enough to fit in all five lantern bases.  Our teen sons enjoyed helping as much as our daughter ~ that alone makes this craft better priceless.  And here you have the final result….

Rocks of Truth
Molly Gold Copyright 2012

When we moved to Raleigh seven years ago, we left an amazing group of friends in an awesome community.  At our going away party, a dear friend to this day gave us these garden rocks of truth.  I’ve fussed with where to put them for the better part of each of these seven years, never feeling like it was just right.  Now they are perfect as part of this gentle centerpiece and its time for our friends to come to Raleigh and join us on the screened porch for a spell.

So you can see…the craft wasn’t hard and definitely low on advanced skills, no hot glue gun, glitter, or felt required.  But  its high on easy, using just a lantern and candle found half price and sea shells that while free are priceless as they hold our summer memories near.  And the best part?  Its completely seasonal and I already have my eye set on some Fall scented candles with their own accents and plenty of acorns scattered around their base too.

Tell me….

What do you do with your sea shells at the end of the summer?

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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  • Cyndi September 11, 2012, 10:02 am

    Very cute! My shells usually end up in a ziploc bag or tupperware container because I can’t figure out what to do with them but can’t bear to throw them away. I’ve tried filling a tall cylinder vase with them, but it just kind of looks junky like I dumped them in there. Which I did.

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