Saving Time by Saving Money

Do you use coupons?  I’d like to say I’m an awesome coupon Mom but if I did, I’d be lying.  I’d love to save more at the store and like most Moms, need to be as frugal as I can with our resources as we raise three growing children, make plans for the future, and save for retirement.  But between keeping up with our busy schedule, my work at home business, and the daily challenges of home organization, coupons have become just one more place for me to fall short if I’m not prepared.  And truth be told, coupons cause me stress while I’m shopping and guilt at the checkout line when I park my cart without savings in hand.  It doesn’t matter if most everything in my cart is already on sale while I’m shopping at a big box retailer that guarantees low prices.  I feel guilty that I don’t also have a stack of coupons that could be doubled as well.

So in honor of National Coupon Month, I’m ditching the guilt and taking my grocery cart to the Time is Money platform.  For a busy Mom, it’s critical that you recognize the value of your time spent managing your home.  Necessary and truly noble, it’s in the doing that we can easily lose sight of the fact that in order to enjoy and engage with our families, we need to minimize our time spent navigating the ongoing list of home organization chores.  When it comes to shopping and saving, there are some options.

Couponing websites are plentiful, offering numerous online tools to teach you how to stockpile coupons, create a price book, and learn how to match coupons to store sales maximizing your savings.  You can also go after it the old fashioned way, simply clipping coupons from the Sunday paper, categorizing them in a way that makes sense for you, and then shopping as you need, saving when you can.

The surest way I will become a coupon convert will be to find a system that puts me on autopilot, doesn’t require multiple stops or a spreadsheet to track pricing history, and a retail partner that has my back, knowing my shopping habits perhaps even better than me.  I need a coupon partner that speaks my language and has my back, giving me guaranteed savings at the register beyond the shelf price no matter how well organized I am on any given trip.

Meet eValues.  As if it wasn’t enough to have access to wholesale prices on the majority of grocery items my family knows and loves, Sam’s Club has created a program that truly supports me as the consumer, and I couldn’t love that more.   First, it’s entirely electronic which means that I can simply stop into the kiosk at the store when I arrive, scan my card, and download my coupons on the spot.  If I want to do it online ahead of time while planning my shopping trip, it’s as easy to do there as well.  Second, and most exciting, is the program is designed to personalize my savings over time, offering additional discounts on hundreds of items across the store.  By understanding my buying habits, it will begin to customize my coupon offers to insure that I don’t waste an ounce of my time sorting, clipping or organizing coupons to max my savings.  This is simply brilliant!

The typical Sam’s Club member will save 30% every year thanks to wholesale pricing. By using eValues, Plus Members realize another 20% savings on everyday items they already buy.  Plus Membership at Sam’s Club costs more, $100 annually but in addition to getting eValues, Plus Members also get access to early shopping offers and other benefits. Factor in the amazing Click ‘n’ Pull shopping service, available to all members, and I have to say that for this busy Mom, clearly my time is well spent saving money at Sam’s Club this fall.  Check it out for yourself September 1-6 while Sam’s Club offers eValues savings to all of its members with a more than $300 in discounts.…I’m guessing you won’t be disappointed!
Enjoy your days!
Disclaimer:  This post was written as part of a series in partnership with Sam’s Club, but the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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