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Samaritan’s Purse National Shoe Box Collection Week

Samaritan's Purse

November means its time to get organized to give and thankfully, the Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Box Collection Week is on its way!  I’m honored to be supporting Samaritan’s Purse by promoting their campaigns this holiday season here on our site and so hope you will find them to be a wonderful resource as you get ready to give.  Taking place November 18-25, Samaritan’s Purse is praying for yet another record breaking year to add to its more than 20 years of bringing the message of Christ’s love to more than 100 million children worldwide and counting.  Our family loves this campaign for so many reasons but I think the key quality that has made it so beloved is that its child centered.  Not only has it  always been very easy for my children to execute the project of packing a shoebox on their own, its knowing that they are giving to another child somewhere in the world makes it come alive for them.

But the work of Samaritan’s Purse goes far beyond the simple act of giving Christmas gifts worldwide.  The organization is built on a ministry to serve those in need, from providing disaster relief to the victims of Hurricane Sandy and the Oklahoma tornado victims right here at home to getting life saving medical care to children in the most remote parts of the world.  Some of the most heartbreaking stories of survival and support come from the most dangerous parts of the world.  Alex Nsengimana, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. Alex recently returned to Rwanda to deliver shoebox gifts to the same orphanage where he received a gift himself. He also found the man who murdered his uncle who is now in prison. He met the man face-to-face and offered him forgiveness. This is a powerful testimony!

As our family gets ready for Thanksgiving, we find ourselves focused on being thankful for so many things that have happened in our lives.  This year we are working hard to focus on the little things, the small acts of kindness, the gratitude for having a warm home, clothing, and food every day.  To have humble hearts to help keep our lives in perspective so we can be a blessing to others in all we do.  Packing a Samaratin’s Purse Shoebox brings this message to life in the most concrete way because the kinds of things you’ll find needed are the basics like toothpaste and a toothbrush. Most children never think twice about having a toothbrush or the toothpaste to use it to actually clean their teeth.  This is why this matters.

If you are looking for an easy but incredibly powerful service project for your family and friends this November, this one is the ticket. You can learn how to pack a shoebox and find a drop off locations with the online locater.  But don’t let it end there.  Follow your box and learn what country it goes to.  Learn about the country and the conditions the child may live in.  And pray for that child every day.  Keep the spirit of giving alive by knowing that praying for that child is as powerful as sending the shoebox that found her.  Tell me…

Have you ever packed a Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox?

Was it on your own or part of a church activity?

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we are truly thankful that you have chosen to spend some time here.   See you next time!


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