Rainy Day Must Haves {What to Pack for Disney}

Rainy Day Must Haves {What to Pack for Disney} | gomominc.com

Today I am at Hollywood Studios as part of our visit during the #WDWBigFun Tween Fam Trip and unfortunately it has been raining. Its actually been pouring, like buckets of rain oh my gosh its colder than I want it to be wind blowing rain in your face kind of rain and then it stops…for a bit.  And let’s face it, if you have rain on your vacation it can make for a miserable day and that can be hard to manage no matter what ages your kids may be. So today I’ve got some great tips on rainy day must haves that will make it a lot easier to keep the magic alive!

Mini Umbrellas

Pack as many umbrellas as you have people in your party. The small ones fit nicely into any bag and as your kids get older, they’ll likely be carrying their own so its just one more thing they will be able to easily manage. This small size is also the best for navigating big crowds because you won’t likely unknowingly bump into anyone.

Waterproof Bag

Carry a waterproof bag that can handle all your gear. Its key that it has a zipper so it can truly protect all that you might be carrying inside ~ think any kind of technology and more.

Rain Gear

Not only do you want to carry a rain coat but you also want to cary ponchos too. They are longer and therefore will provide better coverage when you need it most ~ think sitting down on rides or any outdoor seating that might be wet.


Pack an extra pair of shoes which could easily be flip flops or an extra pair of socks. Either way the point here is if your feet aren’t comfortable because they are soggy, you’ll be miserable too.

Large Ziplock Bags

For anything that gets incredibly wet you’ll want to have some way to store it without it damaging the other items in your bag. So make sure to carry a few of these just incase you really need to contain something soggy.

Baseball Caps

A rainy day must have for everyone in your family, a baseball cap will help keep the rain off your face and for anyone who wears glasses, you know how helpful that can be.  Its also just one more layer between you and your raincoat or poncho and that rain.

So these are my tips to help you manage the parks in the rain. For our day at Hollywood Studios, we were still able to enjoy some of Hollywood Studios’ “must do” attractions for tweens both inside and out…

Rainy Day Must Haves {What to Pack for Disney} | gomominc.com


Rainy Day Must Haves {What to Pack for Disney} | gomominc.com


Rainy Day Must Haves {What to Pack for Disney} | gomominc.com

And we even got to end our day with Fantasmic too!

Rainy Day Must Haves {What to Pack for Disney} | gomominc.com

Part of what is always awesome about Hollywood Studios is the sense that you are on a movie set.  As we exited the park and walked past Cinderella’s carriage it was almost as if she was going to appear at any minute!

Rainy Day Must Haves {What to Pack for Disney} | gomominc.com


The bottom line is when it comes to rain, its all about your frame of mind.  Be ready for unexpected rain and if you know its coming, plan your activities accordingly.  You can have a fabulous time but you simply have to come prepared. Tell me…

What is your top rainy day must have item when you visit Walt Disney World?

No matter what kind of weather you find on your next trip to Walt Disney World, it all begins with a magical plan.  Check out our Disney Tips Pinterest Board for a myriad of ideas and our Disney Vacation Planning Tips playlist over on YouTube to help you with the finer points. Finally for that ultimate packing list, visit our FREE Printables Library where you’ll find our two page form with all the reminders you need for both you AND your kids to pack up and go.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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    UGH. Nothing is worse than rain when you’re on vacation. These are great tips.

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    Thanks So much!!!!

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