Planning for the New Year {GO MOM! Organizing Tips}

Planning for the New Year


Today its our final video in our GO MOM! Organizing Tips year long series. If you’ve been following the series, you’ve probably noticed that there hasn’t been a video the entire month of December and here is why. December is your report card. If you want to know what to focus on while planning for the New Year, all you have to do is take a look, a good hard and honest look at December to know where you need to focus. Here are my examples!




How did you handle your time in December?  Were you over scheduled?  Freaked out? Stressed out? Running late for everything? If your time wasn’t managed well in December, that’s a clue you need to drill down and work even harder scheduling your life, your family’s life, your activities, realistically and with a purpose.  And you know where that begins ~ its with your planner.  Get one ~ paper, digital, synched ~ and live by it first before you do anything else.  Because your next December won’t be nearly as stressful.


Where you able to find the Christmas decorations? Could you find or even have guest linens on hand for your family?  Did you even know where to look for those addresses to send those lovely Christmas cards?  Being organized is a journey ~ a process.  You can do projects one at a time that attribute to your overall well being and your well organized home.  But its never really finished because is never finished.  Life is always changing and peoples needs are always changes.  So our spaces are changes.  So if you could not find what you needed when it came to stuff, if you could not use your home in the way you wanted because it wasn’t set up in the way that it needed to be and if you weren’t able to handle the extra things that came your way during the holidays, then you need to focus on being better organized.


Grow is all about did you actually enjoy the holidays.  Take a look over your shoulder.  Did you gain 10 pounds?  Did you argue with your family?  Did you feel resentful that you didn’t get to go on a trip.  Did you have a bunch of year end deadlines you could have avoided?  Those are all things you have control over.  Put yourself first. Take care of yourself. Be with your friends. Feed your soul. Take time for what matters most.  And be bold and brave enough to work hard so you can play hard and protect the times of year you want to have off like that last week of the year to focus on your family.

Schedule. Organize. Grow.  This is completely within your grasp.  You can do this, and with our help all year long, you will always find a video at just the right time with just the right answer you were looking for.  We will give you that easy, do now solution that will help you be generally well organized and live exceptionally well loved.  I so hope the you’ve enjoyed this series!  We’ve had such fun offering it to you and I promise there will be more similar videos in the New Year.  We have so much we are planning for you!  I’d love to know as you look over your shoulder…

As you look over your shoulder in December, what grade would you give yourself for an organized holiday?

Did you get an A?  Did you get a C?  Maybe it was an F.  There are those years.  But  guess what?  The New Year is almost here and you have a clean slate!  The sky is the limit so go out and get your’s girl ~ its about time!  Get organized and we so hope you’ll get organized with GO MOM!  Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you in the New Year!

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