Planning for Fall Celebrations and Holidays

Planning for Fall Celebrations and Holidays | gomominc.com #diy #planner
Come October, fall celebrations and holidays are everywhere I turn. As the leaves begin to change color and those colder temperatures settle in, I’m eager to keep our organized momentum going that we worked so hard to put into place all September long.  My family is busy so when it comes time for October, the excitement of the new school year that September really commands is swiftly traded for fall celebrations and holidays we all enjoy.  October brings birthdays and Halloween, Friday night high school football games and weekends full of college football too.  In the midst of it all, I’m also quietly getting a jump start, at least in my mind, on planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And if I’ve learned nothing over the year, I do know that the more focused I am on staying organized while planning for this oh so social season, the more delightful it will be. So here is how I work on planing for fall celebrations and holidays:

Map Out an Organized Week

Block an organizing window on your personal calendar every week using this time to plan, research and outline logistics for projects on your list. Our 2014-2015 GO MOM!® DIY Planner includes an “Organized Week” worksheet designed to help you map out your list and make sure you get it done too. Use a seasonal checklist and include everything from rotating seasonal clothing and décor to tackling fall yard work and home safety tasks like changing batteries in smoke detectors and more.  That way when Saturday arrives, you can stay focused on what you’ve made time for and know that you’ll get more done next time.

Keep Back to School Systems on Track

Carry forward your hard work from September streamlining menu planning, minimizing time spent shopping by using online services to purchase your order ahead of time, and cooking extra meals for those busy nights.  Back to school brings you back to a more predictable season in the kitchen.  So save your creativity for entertaining by using weekday shortcuts like cooking on the grill or using a crock pot.  That way when those festive fall celebrations and holidays really kick into gear, you’ll embrace the prep time and be willing to think outside the box for seasonal fun.

Stock Up on Must-Have Household Supplies

Fall celebrations and holidays can keep a busy Mom hopping so its important to stock up on must-have supplies so you can enjoy the fun without making your to-do list more complex than you can manage. Every time you add in something new to your calendar like a tailgate party, a seasonal school function, or a quick trip to grandma’s for the weekend, you are increasing your to do list.  So keep yourself ahead of the game by stocking up on all the basics that make your home run smoothly.  For me, food is obvious but its the non-perishables, cleaning supplies, homework supplies, after school activity needs and more that I am wanting us all to make sure to have on hand.   And if your social calendar is just off the hook, you can even choose a fall focused signature hostess gift to have on hand for each and every fall celebration you attend.

Plan Ahead for Fall Celebrations and Holidays

After years of trial and error, I’ve come to realize that truly fabulous fall celebrations and holidays really just boil down to project management.  Take a look at your calendar and identify every fall celebration, special event or holiday your family is committed to attend. For each event make a list of what’s involved ~ Do you need to purchase clothing or costumes, home décor, seasonal decorations, gifts, entertaining supplies, arrange for invitations, or more? Are you hosting or attending locally?  Are you traveling or staying home?  Will you have house guests?  I think you get the picture.  Then create a timeline for each event to accomplish all the tasks involved.  Our GO MOM! FREE Printables section has some great tools to get you started and remember, most everything does well with at least 4 weeks to plan.
While I am a summer girl at heart, I must admit that I’m grateful for all the fun that our fall celebrations and holidays add to our days.  The promise of time spent with family and friends always gives me so much joy and knowing I have so many fabulous events to craft, decorate and entertain for makes my inner Martha smile. Make no mistake, I’m WAY more of a Mary but a girl can certainly try!  Tell me…
How do you plan for fall celebrations and holidays
in the midst of your already oh so busy days?
If you are looking for time management tips to help you juggle a fall that’s gotten just a bit more out of hand than you might have planned, check out our Time Management Tips Pinterest Board for all kinds of ideas to send you on your organized way.  Thanks so much for stopping by…we’ll see you next time!
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  • Jo-Lynne Shane October 6, 2014, 9:41 am

    You always amaze me. This is awesome. Maybe I’ll actually plan ahead this year.

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