Pantry Ideas for Back to School

Pantry Ideas for Back to School
If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then pantry ideas for back to school are the secret to a smooth start of an organized school year.  The pantry is not only all about organized storage but its also a launching pad for life skills.  When organized well, you’ll find your personal to-do list gets shorter while your children’s independence grows and when it comes to all the daily tasks coming back into your schedule with the start of the school year, this can only be good for everyone involved.  To help you give your pantry a good overhaul with back to school needs in mind, here are a few of my favorite tips!

Remember having an organized pantry is a series of steps ~ cleaning, keeping things fresh, creating supply stations, and having that all important snack zone that makes it easy for anyone to grab what they need.  You’ll love the positive impact this organized process has on your family routines and you’ll find both mornings and evenings are less stressed all the way around. Now show me a Mom who wouldn’t love more of that! Tell me…

How do you get your pantry back to school ready?


Back to School

Make sure to check out our Back to School Pinterest Board for all kinds ideas to help you every step of the way, not only from GO MOM!® but from around the web too.  And if you are looking for the ultimate organizing tool for this special time of year, check out our brand new Back to School Printable Bundle. I can’t tell you how helpful these checklists and forms have been for me over the years ~ I’m so hopeful you’ll find them to be helpful too!  And it’s the perfect compliment to our 2014-2015 GO MOM! DIY Planner , newly redesigned to focus entirely on your time and give you the best Organized Week worksheet around.

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