Packing up an Organized Christmas for Next Year

Are you twitchy to take down your holiday decor? If you decorate on Thanksgiving weekend or even before, it’s time to start packing up an organized Christmas for next year.  And because there is no way I want to spend the first day of the New Year doing chores and cleaning, our un-decorating process happens pretty swiftly.

Packing up an Organized Christmas for Next Year | gomominc.com

December 30th we put away all indoor decorations, window wreaths, living room tree, and porch decor. We leave the kids’ tree up for New Year’s Eve because there’s something nostalgic about that. And on New Year’s Day we put away the kids’ tree in the family room while watching football New Year’s Day.

If an organized Christmas is your goal, the best gift you can give yourself is planning ahead now for what you know you need to tweak.  Here is how I make sure that every year I give myself a jumpstart on the next:

Did you have an organized Christmas this year?

Take a good look at the last three months and make a list of everything that worked ~ and everything that didn’t. Think October through December and review events and activities you and/or your family hosted, attended or were part of so you can track and tweak them for next year. What do you want to do different? Did you try to do too much? Did you not do enough? Did you feel guilty? Did you feel great?

Update your 2017 holiday calendar now.

Put your GO MOM! Holiday Bundle to work and make notes for next October, November, and December about what you will be doing differently.  Your Holiday Checklist is your best record for when you actually got busy and made the holidays happen and you can use this as your compass for where to tweak. I promise you will change your course for the better so you don’t just repeat the more stressful holiday habits over and over again.

Tweak your budget and that gift list.

Yes ~ right now while it’s all still fresh in your mind.  Right now while all those receipts are handy. Right now while you are hopefully proud of how well you managed your Holiday Budget or remorseful that you overspent. Right now while its fresh and you have a few minutes to tame the Holiday Budget Beast.  Here is how:

  1.  Use your Holiday Budget Form to compare what you allocated to what you spent.  Notice where you went over, under, and what you may have forgot that blew your best laid plans. And then tweak this number for next year.  If you didn’t save enough to cover expenses in full, either cut your budget or make a savings plan to make your numbers match up.
  2. Create your 2017 Holiday Gift List now.  You’ve got everything you need to start a great Holiday Gift History, both for the number of gifts you buy and the amount they cost too. Then take this and make the number of gifts match the money that will be available in 2017 so that you can begin to brainstorm gift ideas well in advance.

Packing up an organized Christmas is such a great head start on what you want your 2017 holiday season to be.  Its easy to get distracted with getting organized for the New Year ~ believe me this is my favorite time of year! ~ and just consider the holidays over and gone. But I promise you that this small investment in organized time ~ this week, right now ~ will truly change your holidays to come.  Tell me…

When do you start packing up holiday decor?

As you can tell, my holidays are entirely guided by my GO MOM!® Holiday Bundle.  While I love my GO MOM!® DIY Planner as much as the next Mom, its the added focus that my Holiday Bundle offers that makes our holidays go so well.  Be sure to check both out in our GO MOM!® Printable store and thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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  • Nicole January 2, 2013, 4:21 pm

    Great list! All about planning a year in advance.

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    I thought this website would be a good tool for your readers. It helped me with my new daughter when I did not understand colic and why she cried so much.


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