Packing for College ~ Personal Care with Gillette

Packing for College ~ Personal Care

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If you are the Mom of a college student, it’s “go time” for packing for college! While you may have most of the dorm room needs taken care of by now, it’s likely the personal items that need tending too, your student having plenty of opinions about what products they prefer. And oddly, I find myself filling the ultimate over prepared Mom shoes, wanting to send everything AND the kitchen sink to make sure my son never runs out anything he might need.  This is equal parts my wanting him to be prepared and not wanting him to spend a fortune at the student union when he finds he has run out of something he truly needs.

Because dorm room storage is at a premium, I’m caught between sending a nicely labeled storage box of back up items, sending a package periodically or bringing him a stash to restock when we visit, or depending on him to shop for what he needs when he needs it.  As long as he shops the best price I’m good with that but chances are, we might disagree on what’s reasonable and what’s not.  For items he won’t use often, this isn’t as great of a concern but when it comes to daily personal care items like shaving, its an entirely different story.

The men in my house are old school, preferring a razor and shaving cream over any other shaving method.  As it happens, they’ve used Gillette shaving products forever and the new Fusion ProGlide Razor with FlexBall Technology was at the top of my son’s  personal care packing list.  From the brand:

“It is the first razor of its kind, with a new handle that adjusts and pivots to respond to the contours of a man’s face for fewer missed hairs. Using existing Fusion ProGlide cartridges, the new handle lets the cartridge move in three dimensions for maximum contact. The result is #ShavingRebuilt for an entirely new shave experience. Men who tried the Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology prefer it 2-to-1 over the standard Fusion ProGlide.”  

Packing for College ~ Personal Care Items and Gillette Razors

But here are the two things that caught my eye about the Gillette Fusion ProGlide:

  1. Gillette offers a blade refill subscription service (available at www.Gillette.com) ~ be still my organized heart! A practical, hassle-free option that delivers Gillette’s blades directly to your student’s door, meaning one less thing to think about and making it easy for my son to stay on top of his personal care supplies.
  2. The Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology uses the same blades as the Fusion ProGlide. This means I don’t have an increased blade price.  If your men shave with razors that have replaceable blades, you know how expensive this can be!  Only about $1 a week for most users, this will represent a huge savings for us.

Gillette offers a wide variety of products including razors, shave prep (gels, foams and creams), skin care, after shaves, antiperspirants, deodorants and body wash, all of which are first choice for my son because they get the job done. I’d love to see all of these offered via subscription as well, but for now we’ll just include them in his stash.

I’m finding packing for college to be equal parts exciting and organized as we work together to get things all set for a great experience in this new stage in our son’s life. I’m also eager to see him take on the new responsibilities of making sure he has what he needs when he needs it. After all, life skills are as much a part of college as academics.  Tell me…

How are you organizing your college student’s personal care items?  

Are you stocking up or buying them as they are used?

If you love to pin, we’ve got a great College Pinterest Board full of fun ideas for all things college related.  I’m looking forward to adding many more pins in the coming months as we begin this awesome journey with our son this fall. Look for more College Planning posts all month long and thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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