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Happy first day of Spring!  March is a fabulous month make a fresh start thanks to the arrival of such a wonderful season and the itch to freshen up your home inside and out. To know me is to know I’ve always walked the line between organized chaos this time of year and you can thank my family’s busy athletic schedule as the key culprit. Add to that my new role working outside the home and this year, finding time to take care of the much needed spring cleaning tasks we tackle is even more challenging. Which is why now is the perfect time to talk about how to outsource your Spring clean.

I’d be lying if I said we’ve never outsourced certain tasks we either aren’t qualified for or don’t have the time to master.  And in those cases, there’s no question those tasks are simply best left to the professionals.  A perfect example is power washing your home’s exterior when you need a ladder that hits three stories high. That simply isn’t going to happen both for equipment and safety reasons ~ enough said.

There have been years that no matter how badly I’ve wanted to outsource something, I simply haven’t been able to make that financial choice, However, if the resources are available, I’m all in for hiring help where we need it most. If you share this sentiment, here is what you need to consider when you outsource your Spring clean

What Should I Outsource?

Any task that requires equipment you might not own, involves heavy labor you might not be in shape to take on, or that consumes great blocks of time you simply might not have to spend is outsource worthy.  Think exterior painting, cleaning gutters, power washing, planting trees or bushes, and laying mulch.  This year, I don’t have the ongoing windows of found time I need to give the inside of my home a major deep clean. While we clean regular and keep things in generally well organized shape, its the seasonal deep clean that I don’t have a weekend to give it’s due. While I don’t have a cleaning service (yet), I have hired one to do a seasonal deep clean and I’m about as giddy as can be about that getting done in time for Easter. Worth every penny.

Create A Spring Clean Checklist

Even if you are outsourcing, you still need to be in control of what needs to be done by whom and when. And because I live by tools, we’ve got fabulous Organized Season FREE Printables available exclusively for GO MOM!® Email Subscribers.  These get you focused on seasonal chores and the Spring Cleaning Checklist has specific tasks you need to manage now. The list is formatted with March Must Dos and then items to plan for April, May, and June that core household, paperwork, and safety categories too.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s never too late to create 12 Month Home Organizing Plan and in turn, use our Home Organizing Plan To-Do List as you work through the Spring items you want to tackle now.  Both of these must have forms are also GO MOM!® Email Subscriber exclusives that are found under Organized Home FREE Printables. How will these forms help you?  Because they take you through the entire house, inside and out, to take inventory and evaluate what needs to be done. And when it comes to a good Spring clean, this starts inside with cleaning carpets, washing windows, cleaning all drapery and blinds, freshening up furniture, and cleaning out closets.  Then you can head outside to cover cleaning out the garage, power washing outdoor social areas, cleaning gutters, and tending to the yard and gardens. This? it’s just the beginning but how good you’ll feel when you get it all done!

When it comes to chores that demand elbow grease, our Home Management Bundle is your source thanks to the tools found in Organized Cleaning.  You’ll find an Organized Chores list that can be assigned to every family member on a Daily and Weekly basis.  You’ll also find an Organized Cleaning Checklist that breaks ongoing cleaning tasks into Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly lists.  And perhaps most helpful at this busy time of year, the Organized Cleaning Schedule lets you assign tasks to any day.

Know Where to Start

Inside, everyone thinks it’s your windows, but in reality, all it takes is a mid-April pollen burst and your hard work goes right out the door. Hold off on paying to have the windows cleaned and tackle those carpets first. It will motivate you to clean your furniture and move things around to freshen your look.  If you are hosting a Spring holiday this might change your timing but don’t be discouraged if the windows need a second pass.  Outside, it’s all about the yard.  Before you can freshen the flower beds you need to remove the winter debris, put down weed killer, and get it ready for a fresh layer of mulch.

Keep it Under Budget

Consider teaming up with your neighbors to tackle projects together like renting a commercial grade power washer or aerator for everyone to share. Our community is on community well and septic and every Spring, one neighbor coordinates scheduling multiple houses on one day with a service who offers a significant discount to each homeowner for participating. You can also do this when ordering mulch in bulk. Pair up with neighbors who might need varying amounts so you can get the delivery cost covered too. Our yard is about 1/2 acre so the mulch process is time consuming to say the least. We’ve found hiring college and high school aged kids to knock it out money exceptionally well spent and earned.

These are just a few ideas to get you started thinking on how to best invest your time and money this spring.  Now tell me…
What Spring clean chores do you outsource?
Make no mistake, we run a tight budget and it can be very hard to justify spending money on tasks you can do yourself or that you have done in the past. In fact these are two of my favorite Spring cleaning series posts of all time right here:
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Time is money and depending on the season of your life, you may value the time you have to share with family more highly than the time your Spring clean may take you to accomplish. If that’s the case, outsource where you’ll find the biggest positive impact for yourself and your family and don’t question that expense one bit.
Thank so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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