Organizing Old Greeting Cards {May Memorabilia}

How to Organize Old Greeting Cards {May Organizing Tips ~ Memorabilia}

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Today we are talking about Organizing Greeting Cards. Part of our year long series, GO MOM! Organizing Tips, this month we are focused on Memorabilia. Did you happen to get a stack of cards for Mother’s Day? I sure hope you did! But if you are anything like me, after they’ve been displayed on a mantle or in a nook in the kitchen, what are you going to do with them once that occasion is long gone and it’s really not appropriate to have them out anymore? Check out these tips to help you while you are organizing old greeting cards.


You know how I love my binders! Get a fun decorative binder to catalog every card your family shares. Use slash pocket tabs or page slicks, just drop in the card, and then label it as you choose. You can organize by person, by holiday, or by year. I love organizing by person because down the road, you could use these cards and their sentiments to make an amazing graduation or new mother gift for your children when they are grown.

Magazine Box

If you are looking for something really easy, just grab a magazine storage box you can label by year and then feel free to add cards as often and as many as you like. Its not complicated, will look great on a shelf in the kitchen at your command center right where everything happens.

Covered Letter Box

I love having a special box just for me where overtime with each and every card, I can add it in easily and create a wonderful collection. This can be so easily stored out in plain view but over the years, your kids may never know what’s in there and when you do bring it out, they will be amazed at what they find!

Organizing Tips

The key is knowing your sentiment level. Do you want to keep cards with those special sayings, signatures and personal notes or could you care less? Its all about you and for me, I love having a lovely way to store them. So tell me…

If you save them, what are your organizing tips for old greeting cards?

Please make sure to check out this fun year long series including all that May has to offer and if you are looking for more, our Memorabilia Pinterest Board is full of fabulous ideas from all over the web!

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