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Organizing Email at Work and Home

Ask any busy Mom, working or not, and you’ll often her her say organizing email is a chore to be despised. Email has become a lifeline, replacing in person conversations with teachers and friends, becoming a way to navigate issues that would have days gone by been managed in meetings, all in the name of saving everyone time. But in doing so we create a new category of information that needs to be kept in check and today I’m sharing my insights for organizing email over on Dr. Mommy and Friends Online.

An expert…Choose anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and give it your all. If your days are long and have you in meetings, consider early morning and late afternoon sessions that will let you begin and wrap up each day knowing what needs to be dealt with near term. Be disciplined by turning off your email notification sound and keep your email window closed until its time to dive in and get working.


I hope you’ll stop by and check out my complete list of tips and when you do, let me know what your best solutions are for organizing email.

Disclosure:  I am a regular guest contributor to Dr. Mommy and Friends Online.

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