How to Organize Halloween Decor

How to Organize Halloween Decor | gomominc.com

Just case you didn’t know, in this house we absolutely love Halloween! This year I’ve been refreshing our decor inside and out and I’m loving the look we currently have.  For inside decor, my biggest change has been to decorate our hall bench area.  For years I totally overlooked how this spot could highlight seasonal influences.  Because this bench is at the base of our stairs to the 2nd level, we pass it each and every day so it sets a festive tone. The wreath was a wonderful discounted find at AC Moore, the pillow from Pier 1 also on sale, and the metal figures I’ve used for years outside on our covered porch and decided now was the time to bring them in.

How to Organize Halloween Decor | gomominc.com

And for outside decor its been all about refreshing decorations that are easily 8 years old.  It was simply time for something new. I am always on the lookout for new items and was surprised to find glow in the dark ghosts and the sparkly witch feet featured above in yard stake decorations at Party City. The witch hat luminary stakes around the witch feet we have had for a dozen years and they are on their 2nd round of silver spray paint ~ going strong they look awesome with tea lights on Halloween night.

How to Organize Halloween Decor | gomominc.com

I also added 2 fantastic HUGE luminary pumpkin buckets I found at Carolina Pottery that will be wonderful with a huge pillar candle on Halloween night.

How to Organize Halloween Decor | gomominc.com

While I’m all about seasonal crafts, sometimes it’s easier to find things ready made and our Halloween Pinterest Board is full of a mix of both to help you choose what works best of you. I’ve got a few ideas still brewing to get down before the big night finally arrives.  Decorating for holidays is tricky because it doesn’t always apply to the “when something comes in, something else must go out” rule for uncluttered living. When you chose holiday decor you are working with a “look” for a period of time. That’s why the storage is so important, making sure you have the right containers for the items at hand.  And  yes, for the most part its an all plastic solution ~ think affordable, durable and easy to stack.  Here are a few of my best tips for how you can organize your Halloween decor and more:

Color code your storage.

Now is a great time to buy Halloween colored storage bins as you can find them with increasing discounts this week and shortly after the holiday. Apply this same color coding concept to all your holidays by simply picking a color family and applying to every thing you do ~ Halloween = orange + black + purple. That signifies for you in your storage where your boxes for that holiday will be and makes for a happy attic and husband who may have to drag them down for you all to enjoy.

Choose totes that are kid friendly.

Halloween, like most holidays, happens all over the house, inside and out and the kids are involved so you want storage bins that everyone can manage. Think about the size of the bin and the amount of cargo it may carry and always keep in mind your children are much happier helping when they feel that they can do so on their own.

Organize the odds and ends.

When it comes to costumes, makeup, and tealights, I’m always fumbling with how to corrall the bits and pieces these items represent. For costumes, choose a colored tote for items you don’t need in the playroom and for Halloween makeup or colored hairspray, look for storage with compartments ~ they work great for those battery operated or real tealights too.

Hang or stack oversized items.

When it comes to things like yard stakes or large outdoor decorations that wouldn’t fit in a reasonably sized storage bin, dedicate a storage location where you can either hang or stack them in a way that maximizes the space and keeps them out of harms way.


These are just a few ideas for how to organize your Halloween Decor. So much depend on the types of items you have and the space you have to store them too. Tell me…

How do you organize your Halloween decor?

The best time to get things organized is after the holiday when you are putting them away. You’ll not only be able to make sure to get rid of anything you didn’t use this time, you’ve got a blank slate for packing things up in a more efficient way so that next year when its time to decorate every tote is ready roll and each little helper can do their jobs well. To get you pointed in the right direction, check out some of my favorite storage solutions from Amazon.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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