Organize Your House with a Fall Checklist

Organize Your House With a Fall Checklist | gomominc.com #organize #fall

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Fall is here and its time to organize your house with a Fall Checklist!  For my family, Fall is when we kick things into high gear to get big projects done. With kids who play outdoor sports all Spring and Summer long, its just not likely I’m going to get much done any other time of year than the Fall.  And to be honest, I love to be outside as much as they do so I’m grateful for weather that might be less inviting to give me an excuse to stay in side and get those projects done. This year we have actually gotten a jump start on one of two closet projects with EasyClosets that I’m REALLY excited about.  Both just totally funky spaces that don’t work nearly as well as they should, I am thrilled to finally see them work more efficiently within our home and for our family.

However…we still have to tackle painting our bedroom and the master bath (no we didn’t get it done last year) and the usual yard work to get everything shaped up for winter and holiday decor. I’m also tempted to add in the laundry room ~ its never been painted and needs different doors plus a new drying rack ~ seriously!  But I have to keep in mind so many projects ~ so little time.  As is always the case, if we aren’t careful, these projects could completely consume our weekends which is not what I want to do so we work hard to protect time for seasonal fun and mix in work weekends around what we know we simply don’t want to miss.

As a special offering for newsletter subscribers, check out our FREE printable Fall Organizing Checklist. You’ll find a comprehensive list of seasonal tasks to keep you on track, from cleaning to paper, safety and more. It’s a great tool to get you pointed in the right direction, covering key tasks you don’t want to overlook and helping you get started making your own list of Fall Must-Dos.

Because you can’t make a schedule without a calendar, check out our brand new 2014-2014 DIY GO MOM!® Planner . All about the calendar, our latest edition is entirely focused on helping you manage your time. With 17 dated monthly pages and a non-dated weekly format that also helps you plan your meals, we want you to be laser focused on smart scheduling.  We’ve also added my favorite new time management tool ~ The GO MOM!® Organized Week worksheet ~ the best to-do list ever! Remember it all begins with time and when it comes to a fabulous Fall, you don’t want to miss a moment to enjoy your days.  Tell me…

How do you manage Fall and seasonal tasks?

Managing your time is where your organized life begins so check out our Time Management Tips Pinterest Board for my favorite ideas not only from GO MOM!® but from around the web too ~ its all about finding solutions that work for you.  Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!



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