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Summer is a fantastic time to tackle your demons and organize your  home.  While lazy days at the pool keep you calm, a well organized home  opens a world of opportunity for you to spend your days truly living  your life instead of trying to dig out of its chaos.  However one  challenge many of us face is not knowing how to maximize our space and  use product solutions that will truly work.

Recently, I connected with the folks at The Stow Company to share  organization insights with some of social media’s brightest Moms.  I  love their holistic approach to what works and after meeting their  design team last fall, I know that they’ve got the science behind the  solution to make sure your home really works with your family.

On how to maximize our space, here are a few Stow Company recommendations:

  1. When deciding how to organize your possessions, consider what you  need immediately, occasionally, or rarely.  Create organized zones to  capture those items accordingly.  For example, you may need writing  tools and a note pad right next to the family phone, cookbooks within  reach and stored in the kitchen itself, and seasonal party ware stored  in the attic or basement in a designated holiday area making it easy to  rotate when you need it.
  2. When deciding how to organize your high traffic areas, consider how  your family naturally navigates your home.  If you only use the front  door and everyone dumps their stuff on the dining room table, intervene  and give them a dumping ground with structure including easy hooks and  stylish storage in the foyer area.  If you don’t have a kitchen desk and  paper piles high on the counters, take a second look at your cabinet  space to create a kitchen communication station you can all enjoy.

On product solutions that will truly work, The Stow Company offers  organizing systems for every budget and stage of life:

  1. ORG brand is  all about full-service dealers and design where your solutions are  carefully installed and personalized for each homeowner’s needs.
  2. EasyClosets.com offers custom cut  closet and storage systems that are easy to design, order on-line, and  best of all easy to install.
  3. Easy Track offers closet  organizing kits sold through select retail stores and home centers  throughout the country. The easy-to-assemble features make it simple to  get your closet organized in just one afternoon.

Clearly our theories about how to handle space are in synch so you can  see why I love the many solutions The Stow Company offers.  If you are  tackling a home organization project or two this summer, tell me what  kinds of products are you planning to use?

Disclosure:  I was retained by The Stow Company to consult on special  events surrounding TypeAParent Conference in June, 2011.  As part of  that project, I was compensated for this post.

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