Organize Your Family with a #DIY Home Management Bundle

Organize Your Family with a #DIY Home Management Bundle | gomominc.com
Today we are talking about why you need a #DIY Home Management Bundle. If you like to organize, or just simply want to get more organized, you may have heard the term home organization notebook, household notebook, home organization binder, home organization planner, home management binder, they are all one in the same. Here at GO MOM!® it’s called a Home Management Bundle because we like to bundle key information together to help you have laser focus on what you need to do and how to get it done. So we’ve created the GO MOM!® #DIY Home Management Bundle and its super easy to put together. Check it out!

We’ve included 26 forms and worksheets that you can print out as many or as few as you need and divided them into 7 key categories, Simply grab a binder, tabs, a label maker, and a 3 hole punch and you are all set to assemble. The tabs you’ll find in my Home Management Bundle are:

Contacts, Home, Finance, Health, Meals, Cleaning, Celebrations, Seasonal Checklists, Notes

Seasonal Checklists are an added item and found in the GO MOM!® Email Subscribers FREE Printables Library. These are SO helpful for giving me key home organization insights all year long this is the perfect place to have them handy. I’ve also included the monthly calendars from our #DIY GO MOM!® Planner. Becauset his is a tool in an easily accessible location for the entire family, this is also a fabulous location for a community calendar that everyone can refer to.

A Home Management Bundle is the kind of tool that you are going to see out on the kitchen counter, over on the desk, or well labeled on the spine and placed on a visible bookshelf. The point is you want it handy, easy to find, and even easier to use.  Check out some of my favorite new forms found in the following:

Organize Your Family with a #DIY Home Management Bundle | gomominc.com
  • Organized Home: Organized Online is the ultimate website reference form, letting you track passwords, user IDs, and website info. Let’s your family know we are all in the digital game together. Organized Electronics is that master list you always wish you had for each and every device. Think serial numbers, warranty info, and contact info too.
Organize Your Family with a #DIY Home Management Bundle |gomominc.com
  • Organized Cleaning: Perhaps my new and most favorite section because I’m not a huge fan of cleaning. Its true! I don’t love it so it’s probably why I focus on organizing. Because chances are you might be a bit like me, we’ve crated an Organized Cleaning Checklist that tells you the kinds of tasks you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly. You can schedule them as you need to. Notice they aren’t preassigned to a day of the week because our lives are all different. Some of us work outside the home full-time, part time, inside the home, or stay at home. So our time is unique and its up to you to decide when to clean. This form just tells you what you should be cleaning and how often. And then of course we created an Organized Cleaning Schedule to help you plan ahead and an Organized Chores worksheet to make sure your kids are involved every step of the way. After all its their home too and they are part of the reason why its messy!

So that’s the basic overview of what you’ll find inside our #DIY Home Management Bundle. January is a great time to make this tool for yourself and your family so you spend the upcoming year pointing everyone to that one place to find out the answers to what they need to know. You may find throughout the year that there are additional kinds of information you’d like to store here so go for it!

DIY is all about personalizing. Home management is all about you knowing what you need to do and when it needs to get done and making sure that happens. Our job at GO MOM!® is to educate you about the process and give you the tools to make sure you succeed. Now, go get organized and have a great year!

For more #DIY printable ideas and inspiration, check out our Printables and #DIY Planner Pinterest Board. Thanks so much for stooping by ~we’ll see you next time!


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