How to Organize Handbags {Fix It Friday}

How to Organize Handbags

Today’s Fix it Friday is all about how to organize handbags. Have you ever thought “Oh my word what am I going to do with all these handbags?” Most of us do and most of us might end up piling them in a corner in our closet because we aren’t sure exactly what to do with them. That’s been my problem. I’ve actually had my handbags in bins thinking they are at least nicely contained. But you know what? I never end up switching them out very often, carrying the same bag for months at a time and never even realizing it my look is really tired. When it comes to fashion that can’t be a good thing! With spring being here its all about freshening things up so enter the handbag solution!

This is super easy ~ all it costs is a package of shower hooks that you simply slip them onto the hanging rod that you want to use and then hang your bags in whatever arrangement you prefer. What I love about a shower hook solution is they are ridiculously affordable ~ less than $10 ~ and can be very fashionable. I chose something simple but there is all kinds of bling to be found in the shower hook aisle. Or you could choose something like an s hook or a ring that latches if you prefer. If you have handbags with a very wide strap, you need to be mindful to choose something with a wide enough space to hang them.

Remember, when it comes to cleaning out your closet and spring cleaning, you should be taking inventory of what you have and only keeping what you need. When it comes to how to organize handbags, like anything when you can see what you have, you’ll know what you need. Now I am pretty sure I don’t need any pink purses ~ can you see a pattern here? I hope this helps you if organizing your hand bags is an issue this spring. This is a fabulous Fix It Friday you can tackle in a snap. Tell me…

How do you organize handbags?

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