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It’s the first Friday in June and that can only mean one thing ~ National Donut Day! While there is literally a holiday for most anything you can imagine, National Donut Day is a keeper for one simple reason ~ DONUTS!

National Donut Day Deals| gomominc.com

The timing for National Donut Day is perfection here in North Carolina. With the end of the school year just a week out and summer nipping at our heels, the opportunities to add donuts to the table are endless. But there’s more to the story. A true blue day of observance, National Donut Day was created by The Salvation Army ~ who knew? The original “Salvation Army Doughnut” was served in 1917 by “Salvation Army Lassies”, women who went to the front lines in Europe during World War 1, often cooking donuts in metal helmets. In 1938 and National Donut Day began as a fund-raiser for Chicago’s Salvation Army with the hopes of raising money to assist those in need during the Great Depression.

While we rarely eat them for breakfast and instead consider them dessert, my family is full of donut lovers, each with a preference for both brand and flavor.  As such, it’s a full court press to cover all their donut bases.  Check out our top three brands and family favorites below!

Krispy Kreme

A hometown favorite, Raleigh is the official host of the Krispy Kreme Challenge.  A student run, charity based race, think 12 donuts, 5 miles, and one hour. Let’s just say it’s best done in teams, at least for the eating part.  Tomorrow they will be giving away free donuts, no purchase required ~ yes that’s correct. Go to the Krispy Kreme website to find the location closest to you. Fortunately, the Krispy Kreme store in downtown  Raleigh is just blocks from my husband’s office so it will be a breeze for him to stop by and grab a donut or 12!

Family Favorite = a tie between Hot Glazed and Powdered Sugar

Dunkin’ Donuts

I’m going on record now to say that I love Dunkin’ coffee. As such, I’m easily convinced to pick up a box of Munchkins as a special treat if I happen to give into the call of coffee. Lucky me, on National Donut Day I’ll get a free classic donut with my beverage purchase. Go to the Dunkin’ Donuts website to find the location closest to you.

Family Favorite = Blueberry Glaze

Duck Donuts

If you have ever visited Duck, North Carolina, then you know ALL about the decadence that is Duck Donuts. Made fresh  on the spot ~ both the donut and the finishing touches ~ as you order them. It’s the ultimate “Time to make the donuts!” experience for sure. With flavors like maple bacon or chocolate with sea salt carmel drizzle, it’s easy to see why these donuts are the perfect dessert. On National Donut Day, everyone gets a free donut with any purchase.  Find the location closest to you here and I’m sorry for anyone not in North Carolina on this one ~ it’s a must eat for sure!

Family Favorite = Cinnamon Sugar

National Donut Day Deals| gomominc.com

So now that you know which donut shops that are on my National Donut Day must visit list ~ tell me…

What is your favorite donut brand and variety?

I hope you make the most of these National Donut Day deals and have a fabulous first Friday of June ~ thanks so much for stopping by!

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