My Favorite Teacher Christmas Gift

With kids from middle school through college, I’ve got years of helping our kids give what I hope are great teacher gifts. But truth be told, my personal favorite teacher Christmas gift has become a treasured family tradition. My Favorite Teacher Christmas Gift | gomominc.com Teachers are the most influential partners parents have in raising children. Once your precious bundle heads off to big school, they spend more time at school ~ and activities as they grow ~ than at home which means more than less of their waking time is out of your hands. That’s why it’s so important not to helicopter but to be involved in your school community, supporting your teachers every possible way you can.

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When it comes to Christmas gifts, we’ve always chosen a mix of something useful at school and another item  handmade with love. The useful at school is so easy ~ a gift card or basket full of fresh supplies for the 2nd semester. I’ve never met a teacher who wasn’t beyond grateful for this mid-year boost, letting them focus their personal resources on the winter holidays just like the rest of us. Teachers spend SO MUCH OF THEIR OWN MONEY on our kids it’s insane.

The handmade with love is where your child can be involved in creating, wrapping, and giving the gift. Which is key in teaching them how to show their gratitude. But you can go off the rails if you don’t make sure to choose age appropriate activities.   In our home, when the kids were young, handmade with love usually meant holiday baked goods because they could participate in the process of baking and packaging into tins super easy. As they grew older, it was more challenging to get our boys engaged in the process while at the same ages, our daughter became more determined to make everything herself. Which is how our family tradition of giving school themed monogrammed ornaments was born. Totally neutral and full of school spirit, they are always well received and with the right kind of embellishments, seriously a breeze to pull together on short notice too. My Favorite Teacher Christmas Gift | gomominc.com Supplies are simple:

  • Ornaments in school colors
  • Holiday scrapbooking stickers
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Metallic Sharpies

And assembly a breeze:

  • Use a glass with an opening that can easily balance the ornament.
  • Set the ornament in the glass with the hook at the top, enabling you to have a steady surface while you work on the ornament.
  • Write the school initials on the center of the ornament.
  • Apply scrapbooking stickers.
  • Add the bow.

And this is how they look! My Favorite Teacher Christmas Gift | gomominc.com These travel wonderfully in a small gift bag with a gift card tied to the handle too. All kinds of crafty cute, it’s a gift that may live in a classroom or on a tree at home for years to come! In our home, I love that each year we add one to our own tree remembering that school year and all the special people that touched all of our lives.  Tell me…

What is your favorite teacher Christmas teacher gift?

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