My Closet and Why It’s Gorgeous


Today I want to talk with you about my closet and why it’s gorgeous. Now you are probably thinking how wonderfully organized it is, maybe you think products that help me keep it well organized. And while that might be part of my gorgeous closet or your gorgeous closet for that matter, I actually want to talk about the things inside it that make it feel gorgeous to me. I know this is a bit of a twist, but here is the thing. If you think about what makes you feel gorgeous and what’s inside your closet that helps you get there, its really an interesting journey. So let me show you the 3 things that I thought of when I challenged myself to find:

1. My Flip Flops: The reason why these are gorgeous to me is because my daughter made them for Mother’s Day in her last year of pre-school. They are hilarious, very big, not exactly color coded in the way I might have planned. But she couldn’t be happier every single time I wear them! They mean the world to her and when I wear them she’ll say “Mommy you look so pretty, those are gorgeous!” Enough said.

I kept thinking in this process how interesting it is that it really isn’t the clothes for me, of course clothes and shoes are gorgeous but not one item of clothing came to mind when I challenged myself!

2. My Rings: They are small, dainty, and they were mine when I was a teenager. I can’t wait to give them to my daughter. They are going to be rings she will love just as much as I did because they will be her first gem stone rings. One is emeralds, one is pearl with sapphires, my school colors of white and blue, and I hope they are as special to her as they were for me.

3. My Memorabilia: This box is a special birthday box full of items from the day our daughter was born. I store in my closet special items of memorabilia like letters of Santa that I had to make a copy of before I put the real letter in the mailbox, newborn items, my wedding dress which is so gorgeous to me, things that mean so much more because of the event they symbolize.

So these are the things that when I asked myself “What’s gorgeous in my closet?” were the first three things that I grabbed. I’d love for you to ponder…

What’s gorgeous in your closet?

You might be very surprised to find that the first thing you grab might not be your favorite sparkly sweater, a great piece of jewelry, or shoes. It all depends on what you store in your closet.

And on that note…I’d love to see you join us tonight along with Easy Closets, Vera Sweeney, Audrey McClelland, and Getting Gorgeous Events for a Gorgeous Closet Twitter Party at 8PM EST to talk about YOUR gorgeous closet. I’ll be joining Easy Closets at Getting Gorgeous during BlogHer next week and for those of you attending I can’t wait to meet you there.

For everyone anytime, stop by Easy Closets on Pinterest where you’ll find the wonderful Gorgeous Closets Board where you can find all kinds of inspiration for what makes the backdrop of your closet gorgeous so you can fill it with all kinds of things that are truly gorgeous to you. Thanks so much for stopping by and remember to share your thoughts about what makes you feel gorgeous inside your closet and as always, I look forward to seeing you next time ~ take care!

Disclosure:  Special thanks to The Stow Company and Easy Closets for engaging me to collaborate on our campaign for the Getting Gorgeous Event during Blogher 2012.  All thoughts are my own.

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