Molly Gold speaks at TypeAMom Conference

Later this month, a dream of mine will come true.  I’m honored to speak at my first conference, TypeAMom, in Asheville, NC September 24-26, 2010.  I’m part of an amazing panel of talented women who will be sharing our passion for Moms addressing how to “Lose the Mommy Guilt Juggling Family Life and Blogging”.  It will be my second time attending, but I can’t tell you how dramatically my work has changed since the fall of 2009.  Last year, I had barely even scratched the surface of social media, hardly a video or tweet in site, much less a blog post with key words to add a little bling.  I was stunned at the lack of eye contact made during sessions thanks to every Mom and her Mother typing away both tweeting, commenting, and taking a note or two on netbooks galore.  I was amazed at the instant interaction everyone was so accustomed to and while I’m still an old school girl preferring connecting in person 7 days a week, I could tell clearly that this was the future of my world I would be wise to listen and learn.  And so I have.

Thank you so much to Maria Bailey for encouraging me to take a peek last fall, introducing me as the example of life beyond the internet and how important it is to focus on real life interaction in our businesses too, for Kelby Carr  inviting me to share our GO MOM! Schedule. Organize. Grow. foundation in a panel of promise, and even more importantly for creating a conference where I can be sure I’ll have trouble choosing which session to attend for the entire 3 days it is alive and in my heart.  I can’t wait to see Maxine Clark in person again, a true mentor, leader, and inspiration for any woman in business, and to visit with awesome friends and social media industry trail blazers like Amy Lupold Bair and Sarah Pinnix.  And just to keep me on my toes, I’ll be rooming with a rock star I’ve never met in person, Debbie Bookstar whose specialty in successful affiliate marketing is a topic I can’t wait to learn more about.  Doesn’t get much better to have a Jedi as your roommate!

I hope you’ll follow my tweets and TypeAMom Conference wrap up on our show GO MOM! Live on MomTV Monday September 27th at 12:00 noon est. I’m sure we’ll be nonstop with wonder and inspiration, and I hope you will be too!

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