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Memorabilia Organizing Tips for May

Memorabilia Organizing Tips for May |

May is the month that seems to deliver more keepsakes than any other time of year. From photos to greeting cards, certificates and awards, treasured artwork and photos from special events, May is game on for things coming into your home that have a very special meaning. But the challenge is knowing exactly what to do with all that stuff. Which is why we so often put off tasks related to memorabilia. We have sentimental feelings associated with that stuff and it can be hard to discern what’s really worth keeping. And once we decide to keep it, what to actually do with it.

If you are working Your 12 Month Organizing Plan, organizing memorabilia is next step in your year long journey to tackle one organizing focus each month.  This plan is designed to follow what you are naturally thinking about right now so when it comes to May, your camera is constantly recharging, you are sharing sentiments of love and congratulations to your family and friends, and your children are bringing home WAY too many special works of art. So check out our memorabilia organizing tips for May to point you in the right direction!

Memorabilia Organizing Tips for May |

Organizing Old Greeting Cards

We start with this because Mother’s Day always offers a new round of special greeting cards that you might not know exactly what to do with.  We’ve got an answer for that!

Memorabilia Organizing Tips for May |

Creating Keepsake Boxes for Kids

My kids have always had a place for things that have special meaning just to them.  Its not my place to tell them what the should or should not cherish. But I can certainly help them figure out where to put it long term.


Memorabilia Organizing Tips for May |

5 Tips to Organize Kids Artwork

Because May is the month when ALL the things begin to come home from school and if you don’t have a system, you won’t keep what your child loves.  No really ~ you will throw it out. And maybe that’s the plan. But just to make sure that you keep what you love we’ve got some tips to help you organize what’s left.

You might notice that I don’t have a post here about organizing photos. That’s because this May I’m starting a series that will cover all kinds of photo organizing tips. Last spring, as our first child neared high school graduation, I found myself buried in the reality of my less than organized digital and hard copy photo life.  This one area is truly my organizing nemesis for all the reasons I’ve listed above.  I take THOUSANDS of pictures and don’t organize them well digitally, print them out, or enjoy them for the memories they offer.  And I have THOUSANDS of hard copy photos in boxes that I don’t enjoy as well. Once I survived the stress of finding all the photos of our son’s life that I wanted to share a graduation, I vowed right then and there that I would slay the organized photos dragon for once and for all. A work in progress, with time and patience I am excited to get that battle won. As I share new posts, I’ll update this round up post too so that you’ll have the total package for next  time. Tell me…

How to you organize memorabilia in your home?

If you do better with a checklist or two to point you in the right direction, we’ve got a FREE printable for that!  As a special thank you to our GO MOM! Email Subscribers, we have a wonderful FREE Printables library to help you get and stay organized in many ways. You’ll find our FREE 12 Month Home Organizing Plan and Room by Room Home Organizing Plan Checklist there as well as our brand new Home Management Bundle which has some wonderful Cleaning Checklists to help you every week, all year long.  If you love Pinterest, be sure to check out our May Memorablia Organizing Tips and Photo Organizing Pinterest Boards or all kinds of fabulous inspiration.

Tacking these areas can be harder than you ever imagined.  So don’t rush it. While I’ve shared this in May, managing memorabilia is worth taking your time so you do it right.  Not only will you love how it feels to have these cherished mementos organized you’ll find you finally enjoy them too and that’s what this is all about!

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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