Media, Speaker, Spokesperson

Media, Speaker, Spokesperson

GO MOM!® Inc President and Founder, Molly Gold offers experienced media representation in all forms of on air, online, and in print media for brands and destinations. She is a brand and industry favorite hired to serve as a co-host, contributor, guest blogger, speaker, spokesperson, and video correspondent

If there is a women’s cover magazine or lifestyle media segment that features solutions for Moms, Molly has likely been sourced to contribute in one way or another. She is a seasoned broadcast media expert, working in live and taped, cable, network morning show, and local/major market affiliates nationwide. Molly has established a strong media reputation for being professional, prepared, and personable in any medium.

Molly is recognized in social media as the voice of organization, and video blogging is her point of content delivery. She is an established and published writer, regular contributor, and expert interview source for online media outlets and women’s cover magazines. Molly shines as a genuine and believable brand spokesperson performing radio/TV satellite media tours, providing press release content, interview scripts, and blog posts. She is a skilled and popular public speaker, panel member, and presenter.







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