March To Do List

March is an exciting month with the promise of spring and warmer days to come. Take a look at my March Must Do List to make sure you are on track to end the winter season organized and ready for longer days full of fun.

1. Get your taxes done with your accountant or on your own before April 1st.
2. Purge your piles of 2010 papers and get yourself organized for the rest of the year.
3. Make a video diary of your home to have an inventory of your possessions for your insurance policies.
4. Plan to clean your carpets now to wait to clean your windows next month after the pollen burst.
5. Plan your summer getaway and register for kids summer activities by the end of the month to avoid finding your favorites are sold out and not available.

Remember, the first day of Spring doesn’t arrive until the third week of March. Don’t feel pressure to start before you are ready and visit our home page for seasonal checklists to keep you on track all year long. Have you completed the tasks on this list?

Click here to download your free spring checklist!

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