Magic of Healthy Living Interview with Darrell Green

I’ve had it. Clearly it’s time to face the music. Or look at my calendar to see gaping holes where workouts should be. Or (gasp) look in the mirror and notice that once my tan fades, I’m staring at my slightly smooshy self. While I may be happy with my size, I’m not happy with my fitness level and fall is where the rubber meets the road. Now that the kids are back to school and I can start to see the forest through the extremely busy trees, its time to think about me. You know, me, the “Sure I can help you with that!”, “No problem I can have it in by tomorrow.” “Of course I’d love to be co-room parent” me. I’m a high energy gal with a high threshold for a packed schedule. But I’d be lying if I told you I’m consistent with my workouts.

Thanks to early onset arthritis in my left foot that will only be truly healed with surgery, I’m on again, off again based on my latest steroid shot and my good friend Motrin. I have “tried” other forms of exercise, swimming while my daughter had swim team workouts, riding my bike in the neighborhood (I swear we have lots of hills!) and I thought about Pilates (does that count?). The truth is I miss running. I run therefore I am. I’ve always been a recreational runner with the occasional fun run and a one time marathon to simply prove to my fit self that I could do it. I ran in middle and high school and as a young mother, am certain it saved my sanity more days than I can count. I was that Mom, you know, the one with the double jogger pushing 20 pounds of stroller plus 60 pounds of children and tackling 3 miles in no time. All in my quest to outsmart the mental chaos that life can bring.

So here I am, orthotics in my shoes and ready to run. But this time I’m not. Its time for a new outlet, a new interest, a new sport that can also be my center. I’m going to learn how to play tennis. Our son is a master of the game, hitting balls into a net at the end of our driveway for hours daily in between group lessons. He studies every detail of the game, watches every grand slam he can, and happiest working with a private coach, something outside our reach. So my husband and I are the next best thing. Well, not exactly but we are going to support him with all we have and if its simply time and a partner to play with then that’s what we will give.

Okay…I know you are going to say what about YOU Molly? That’s not just for you. You are correct and I’ve got that covered. I’m talking a weight training class at the YMCA and you can bet its all about abs and legs, abs and arms, and did I mention abs? And finally I’m walking. Every day, bringing along our dog and and my parents when they want to join me, making sure its 2 miles or more every time. Yes, I know, that’s another double dip taking care of others but it totally works thanks to it being part of my three point plan.

Last March during The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I had the honor to interview NFL Hall of Fame Member Darrell Green during Disney’s Magic of Healthy Living Event. Being married to a man who bleeds Redskins, it was thrilling to meet this amazing man, a true role model both on and off the field. His success on the field pales in comparison to his values surrounding faith and family and his latest endeavor embodies his desire to inspire everyone to live a healthy life. WalkFitHealth Nation (WFHN) was created to make it simple for anyone to pursue their fitness goals and live a healthy lifestyle by simply walking! Site members receive a mini pedometer that enables you to upload your workout data to a personalized webpage and receive all kinds of support from fellow members.

Why am I sharing this? Like so many of us I overlook the real benefits of walking as a dedicated form of exercise. I’m eating my words and welcoming walking as one thing I can do well while I work through the middle of my semi-healed status. I’m checking out WalkFitHealth Nation to see if its good for me. Maybe being part of a a community is the missing piece of the walking pie. Its certainly worth at a try. What about you ~ do you walk for fitness or for fun?

Disclosure: Special thanks to Disney Social Media. With my paid registration I received for both myself and my family discounted accommodations, admission to attractions, and attended special events. I was not asked to post about my experience. I do not have a partnership with WalkFitHealth Nation. I was truly thrilled to meet Mr. Green and see him lead in the fitness community ~ totally worth sharing for all our benefit.

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  • Jessica @FoundtheMarbles September 14, 2011, 2:22 pm

    I love this post. I walk for exercise, orthopedics in my shoes too. I walk with a friend a few times a week and I walk around the track during my son’s soccer practices. I’ve also been trying to take breaks during my day to do a few sets of light weights and I do Pilates once a week. So far, so good! Good luck yo you!

  • Molly Gold September 15, 2011, 7:53 pm

    Thank you Jessica! I am excited about mixing it up and seeing result ~ that’s what its all about!

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