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Last Minute Tips for a Community Yard Sale

Nothing says Spring Cleaning like a community yard sale! Our neighborhood routinely hosts them in both the Spring and the Fall and last time around, when the call for participants originally came out, we weren’t going to be in town. But as our plans changed, so did our interest and just 2 days before the sale, we decided to jump in and see how it would go. Here are the results…

Today I have 5 tips to help you join in last minute for this weekend’s community yard sale.

Community Yard Sale Signs Matter

Great some great signs out in the neighborhood to let everyone know that you’ve joined in the rotation. If you have a community coordinator hopefully there has been a community yard sale add placed on Craig’s List along with great signage outside the neighborhood to bring everyone in. THey may have even made a map of all the houses participating so you want to make sure that its clear you are an add on and everyone knows you are joining in the fun.

Yard Sale Signs

Yard Sale Signs
Copyright 2012 Molly Gold

Get Change

Create a place to transact your sales including a closed box to keep money discreetly stored but easy to access.  Remember to get change ahead of time so when you are transacting sales, making change is a breeze. A community yard sale can get busy (and competitive) and you don’t want to lose a sale because you can’t make change.

Yard Sale

Yard Sale Money Box
Copyright 2012 Molly Gold

Price Batch

Price things agressively and in batches, creating tables where all items share the same price, $5, $2, $10 and so on. It won’t make it hard to know what items cost when your potential customers ask “How much will you sell this for?” Remember that folks who visit community yard sales are often on a mission to visit more than just one. Make it easy for them to spend their money with you.

Yard Sale Signs

Batch Yard Sale Items
Copyright 2012 Molly Gold

Offer Coffee

Set up a Hospitality Station. It only takes a minute to run up to your local coffee shop and get a box of coffee for everyone who stops by. Friendly conversation is always a good thing.

Hospitality Station

Yard Sale Hospitality Station
Copyright 2012 Molly Gold

Let it Go

Its all about letting it go ~ afterall that’s what got you to jump in on the community yard sale in the first place. Its all about seeing those items leave so when someone asks if you’ll take this for that, say yes. You’ll be very happy you did.

Yard Sale

Before the Yard Sale
Copyright 2012 Molly Gold


After the Yard Sale
Copyright 2012 Molly Gold

We  had a fantastic day, making more than $400, and I could not be happier we decided to jump in at the last minute. The fact that our weather was amazing and it was the first official day of Fall surely helped not to mention we had items that tend to be popular for the garage sale circuit. Our kids received money for the items they chose to sell and our post sale donation to Good Will didn’t even fill the entire back of my car. This was the icing on the cake. I hope these tips encourage you to join in your next community yard sale. Tell me…

What are your best community yard sale tips?

We’d love to know ~ thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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  • TheBargainBabe October 10, 2012, 10:48 pm

    Good tips! One I read awhile back that we have used is regarding the signs. Use the SAME sign for your sale. Like if you use a green poster with black font stapled to the light pole, then use a green poster with black font at the neighborhood entrance and for all the arrows directing cars to your house. That way people know they are coming to YOUR sale and don’t mistake someone else’s sale for yours.

    Also…keep the words on the signs minimal. I hate trying to squint and read someone’s sign that is on an 8.5×11 paper and says:
    “Yard Sale
    123 Main Street
    boys 3-5t, girls newborn, saw, books, cds pet stuff, table, couch, lamps, dishes, candles, pampered chef, mowers, antique dolls, jewelry, toys”

    Yikes! It is too much. Just a “Yard Sale!” will suffice. 🙂

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