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Last Minute Music Gifts for Kids

With just 8 shopping days left, the holidays are here and its time to get those last minute gifts done! My kids love music and portable music gifts are on their Christmas lists every year. Updating a post from last year, here are my tips for last minute music gifts for kids ~ enjoy!

You might regularly think of Staples as your go to destination for business or home office supplies.   Staples does a great job with their marketing and this holiday season they’ve engaged  Audrey McClellan who is a Mom fashion diva and shopping guru to shine a new light on some of the awesome things you can find there. I’m honored to be one of a group of social media influencers they’ve reached out to help share the good message with you about some other things you might be surprised to find at Staples.

When I received the gift cards they provided for the shopping excursion I looked at the kids lists and wondered if there might be a specific category that I could focus on. When I visited the store I was surprised to find that the what would bring the greatest value for my family happened to be in the music category. Would you ever think of Staples as your go to source for music? Never. I know there are printers, ink, computers, and it trickles down to cameras, but not music. Let me show you what I mean.

1. Portable Music Players: Our daughter wants to be just like her big brothers. She asked for an IPod and we were thrilled to found this MP3 Player that is bigger, more durable, and could be loaded up with all her favorite tunes like Alvin and the Chipmunks, Hannah Montana, everything definitely not on her brother’s Ipods when she steals them to listen.

2. Ear Buds for Young Children: Sweet Little Buds are designed specifically for her size ears and this is a very important issue for portable players ~ protecting your kids ears.

3. Portable Case: Its great to have a hard speaker case that can hold the MP3 player enabling the child to enjoy the music without the ear buds, just another way to protect their ears. And also it provides a wonderful protection for the inevitable dropping and handling that is sure to happen with younger children.

4. Ear Buds for Teens: Skull Candy is the go to brand for the teenagers. Lots of different levels of product by Skull Candy and this happens to be one of the nicer levels and my son will be thrilled because he’s trashed his ear buds, something that also happens often with teens.

5. Portable Mini Speakers: Omnitech portable mini speakers can be hooked up to their IPods and listen to music anywhere, again supporting that minimum ear bud effort. I love these because it won’t matter who has which one, same color, and a steal at just $10.

6. ITunes Gift Cards: When you give portable music, inevitably someone will want an ITunes Gift Card. We got one for our youngest to get her started with some songs and our oldest was savvy enough to actually ask for that ITunes gift card on his list so he’s getting a massive list.

7. Docking Station: When you have all these portable music players in the house you never seem to have enough charging stations. This clock radio was a steal at $20 so my daughter will give it to her brother and he’ll have his own place to dock and charge his IPod in his room.

So the key to giving music gifts is you often have to supply accessories. What I found by stopping in to Staples is I could find all the accessories I needed: Cool portable speakers, coolest go to brand for ear buds, a perfect product to get my daughter started on her portable music journey, and then the important things like docking stations that double as an alarm clock.

I hope this shines a new light for you on Staples as I know it did for me. And I really did challenge myself to say what’s a category I would never think of as a category for purchase. I had a $15 off coupon that helped make my purchase under $200. What I found brilliant from Staples that while I receive coupons thanks to my Rewards membership, just today, I received an email stating “Great purchases! Perhaps you might consider these items that are similar for last minute gifts.” They are tracking me and I’m okay with that. They know me as a consumer and they are doing everything they can to win my business, make it affordable on my pocket book, and expand my loyalty across multiple categories.

I love Staples for my home office. I love them as a brand that previously carried products my company made. I love them for back to school because we do need those expensive $125 calculators. When you have kids in high school you can’t just get away with stopping into Target for a few folders and be done. And now I love them for all of the amazing technology products that they carry which fit in my back pocket.

I hope you check out Staples this holiday season and that these tips will help you find just the right music gifts for the kids in your life. Tell me…are you buying music based technology for the kids in your life?

I look forward to seeing you again next week and sincerely wish you and you family every joy and blessing this holiday season is carrying through!

Disclosure:  I was invited to participate and compensated with gift cards in direct connection with the request to shop at Staples and share my experience with you here.  A long time fan of the brand as a work from home Mom for over 10 years, it was an easy answer to say yes as my opinions are my own and the brand is one I already know and love.

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