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Last Minute Halloween Party Treats

Last Minute Halloween Party Treats |

Even though Halloween is weeks in the making, sometimes the best plans are the last minute ones you never expected. If you find yourself invited or hosting a last minute Halloween party, here are a few super easy ideas for party treats you can whip out in no time at all!  Above you’ll see Halloween cupcakes ~ what makes them special are the themed cupcake wraps, sprinkles, and Halloween toothpicks. You can still grab this at your local big box store 11th hour and they might even be on sale.

Last Minute Halloween Party Treats |

Pumpkin spice muffins are always a hit and give party goers something other than sweets to pick from that will actually fill them up.

Last Minute Halloween Party Treats |

This classic Halloween cookie is SO easy to make ~ all you need are chocolate kisses, fudge stripe cookies, and some frosting to hold on the kiss. The black gel icing is a very nice touch if you have it but don’t worry if its not an option.

Last Minute Halloween Party Treats |

Marshamallows and mini chocolate chips ~ it doesn’t get much easier than that. And if you can’t find ghost shaped marshmallows, traditional large marshmallows will do just fine too.


Last Minute Halloween Party Treats |

I’m in love with this idea!  Another fabulous healthy option, clementines are so kid friendly and almost bit sized so easy to eat on the go.  The celery pumpkin stems are genius and its okay if they are discarded ~ in such small amounts its all good.

Last Minute Halloween Party Treats |

On Halloween night, our neighborhood is very social with lots of folks out enjoying their fire pits too. Offering Smore goodie bags is about the cutest gift bag idea I’ve seen around.

I hope you have a GREAT Halloween with all kinds of fun for both the kids and grownups alike.  If you are looking for more ideas for last minute Halloween party treats, check our out Halloween Pinterest Board. I’d love to know…

What’s your go to Halloween party treat idea?

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ Happy Halloween!


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