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It Can Wait ~ Texting I Love You is No Excuse

This compensated post is one in a summer long series sponsored by AT&T. I am honored to join AT&T as an It Can Wait Advocate and hope this campaign will play a pivotal role in your home not only with your teens but as responsible adult drivers as well.

Family Tips It Can Wait

“It can wait!” can be hard to hear. It requires patience and common sense to take priority over our impulse to act immediately. Teaching our children self control and self discipline is an ongoing journey. We have to remind them constantly to slow down, take things one step at a time, and wait for the desired outcome or reward of any situation. In this over digitized world, that’s like climbing Mt. Everest backwards on your hands without any food and water.  And as any Mom knows all too well, we are our child’s best example of what to do….and not to do.

This summer I’m honored to join AT&T as an It Can Wait Advocate. The campaign goal is to share the message not just for teens, but for busy parents too, that when it comes to texting and driving, there is simply no question, it can wait. Earlier this month, AT&T released a new public service announcement that while brief in length, is incredibly powerful. This time, the announcement doesn’t feature the victim, but the person who chose to text and drive that is in the spotlight. Take a look….

Every time I leave my house I want to make sure I tell my children and husband I love them. I don’t want to ever part ways with anything but a smile and “I love you” just like I never want to go to sleep angry at someone with an unresolved “discussion.” Believe me, some days our hectic schedule makes that incredibly more challenging than others ~ we are nothing if not full of flaws and we try hard to make each day go well. But if texting someone the words “I love you” is the reason someone else dies, then with all I am, truly, it can wait.

Tell me…

What tempts you to text and drive?  Is it mindless conversation, an important detail, one last I love you?

Texting and driving isn’t just an issue for teens. Adults admit to doing it more often than teens ~ I kid you not!  With summer vacation still in full swing, now is a great time to learn more the dangers of texting and driving.  Stop by the AT&T It Can Wait Campaign site and take the pledge today to not text and drive.  Lead by example and remember that change starts with you.  You can be that Mom who shares the scoop at that first PTA meeting next month.  You can be the driving force letting your book club know its time to read between the lines.  You can show people how to stop the madness of their busy lives by sharing this post that so painfully reminds us that without any intention to harm a soul, the choice to text our loved ones can tragically end the lives of someone else’s precious child.

We all need to take the pledge and share the message to not text and drive. Because the next life this campaign’s message might save could be that of your own children.

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  • Whitney Wingerd July 31, 2013, 6:10 am

    I saw a woman texting the other day from her car. I was following her with the kids and she was SO swervy. She almost went into a stone wall at an underpass… SO scary. I took the moment to have a chat with the kids about texting and driving and “SEE, look what can happen?!” A good lesson for them and I wish I could have gotten to the woman to tell her to stop… hopefully she doesn’t kill herself or someone else someday 🙁

  • Jo-Lynne {Musings of a Housewife} August 2, 2013, 6:47 am

    This is SUCH an important topic. I am tempted to text – I will glance at my phone at a stoplight and think… it won’t take long. But nothing is that important. WIth a 13-y/o son who will be driving in just a few years, I am trying to set a good example. Definitely a pledge worth taking.

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