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Ideas for Holiday Entryways

I love finding ideas for holiday entryways that I can decorate with in our home. Thanks to Pinterest, I’m finding tons of options for personalized themes, but even still it can be hard to get through all the trendy looks to find just the right entryway feeling. As part of a sponsored series with Proflowers and RedEnvelope, I’ve had no trouble finding exactly what I need.  If like me, you love to include fresh greenery or personalized items, you might want to follow ProFlowers Deck the Halls on Pinterest.  Its where I got inspired not only to decorate our entryway from the outside, but to personalize our foyer too.

Holiday Entryway Ideas

No matter if its outside or in, you can’t be surprised to learn that I am all about a classic look that stands the test of time.  I love how this look gives our home a certain essence that is equal parts elegant and inviting all in one. And its for that reason that I’m drawn to the simplicity of greenery with red bows.

Holiday Entrways

You know that commercial where the woman designs her entire home around the perfect sink faucet? Well designing holiday entryways is a lot like that. My signature look begins with a beautiful wreath and this year I’m in love with the gorgeous selection from Proflowers. Because my family is allergic to pine, inside my greenery has to be mostly faux. So outside is my chance to go for the real deal and the one above is fresh noble fir with eucalyptus, berries and a lovely red bow ~ everything you need to say “Welcome to my home!”

Holiday Entryways

Because our door frame is black and the porch walls are brick, draping the door with ProFlowers decorative greenery softens everything about the dark colors and hard edges. I don’t like to go overboard because we actually use our front door so I want it to be easy for people to navigate.

Holiday Entryways

Personalizing the porch with just a few treasured items says it all.  Because we live in North Carolina, our Flexible Flyer is rarely used to play in the snow but we love to include in our porch decor.  Just because its 65 degrees doesn’t mean we don’t love a touch of “snow” in our holiday entryway.  I just love that I can enjoy the view in flip flops some days.

Holiday Entryways

Once inside our home, I want our holiday decor to delight you in each and every room.  This year we’ve taken our foyer bench and created a holiday entryway we all love!  As you walk into our home, this bench sets the tone for our open foyer.  It immediately invites you in to take a closer look.

Holiday Entryways

Because this bench is also at the bottom of our staircase, we walk by it every single day.  And like most things you are used to, I have long since stopped paying much attention to the pillows resting on the bench and picture that has hung above it since our move here eight years ago.  The simple act of changing those two things to holiday decor opened the door to what is now our seasonal decorating destination all year long.  I just love it!


Holiday Entryways

The final touch on making this bench extra special me was to personalize what I placed there and this Red Envelope pillow was just the ticket.  Giving just a hint of that rustic look by having reindeer symbolize our family the pillow is all things Christmas tradition by also having our family name and the year of our marriage.

Its never to late to take a fresh look at your holiday entryways and give each a new look with a personalized touch.  Creating this essence throughout my house is really the foundation for how I love to transform our home.  Tell me…

What is your favorite holiday entryway decor?

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Happy Holidays!


Disclosure: This post is part of a compensated campaign with ProFlowers and RedEnvleope.

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