How to Spring Clean Outside

How to Spring Clean Outside

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Welcome to Week 4 in our March Spring Clean Series. Part of our year long GO MOM!® Organizing Tips helping you live like you are moving. Why? Because when you are moving, everything is definitely at its best. And you deserve for your house to be organized and in tip top shape all year long ~ its really not that hard. So I’ve saved the best for last which is getting the outside of your home ready for Spring, better known as curb appeal. And while we aren’t necessarily getting your house on the market, these are the things you need to focus on this week for your Spring Clean and the outside of your home.

Spring Clean Windows

Nothing says clean home like beautiful, sparking windows. Its not hard to do and usually if you have one nice long sunny afternoon you can tackle them all one window at a time. Simply mix equal parts vinegar and water in well marked spray bottle, gather up a stack of newspaper, and then with those 2 old fashioned tools in hand, clean the windows inside and out. Don’t forget to clean the frames as well.

Crisp Clean Edges

Clean up the edges on your flower beds. Yes you need to weed and clear out the unwanted items but its that crisp edge on your walkway, driveway, and around those flower beds that makes it clear your landscaping is well tended. Its easy to make a fresh flower bed edge by simply using a shovel with a straight edge and one push at a time, cut the bed with a fresh indent of the shovel to shave off the overgrown edge and create a new divet.

Thin Out The Herd

Do you have any bushes or other plants that are crowding things too much to really see the beauty in your landscaped yard? If you want your home to feel like its light and airy and open, which makes you feel relaxed and makes time for your real life, the best thing to do is declutter. Its not any different when we are talking about the garden. Declutter your flower beds and bushes by either relocating items to other parts of your yard or removing them altogether to make room for those wonderful annuals and the splash of color you always want your home to have.

Welcome Home

Freshen up your porch, sitting area, or whatever area you have that nice spot that you sit and take in the outside beauty around your home. Make sure your railings aren’t rusting and give anything that needs it a fresh coat of paint on the porch. Put out some fresh spring color pillows or add some new ones to the rocking chairs if they aren’t already adorned. The point is, you aren’t trying to welcome anyone else just yet. Technically, you aren’t moving. This is about welcoming you and your family home every day.

Spring Clean

These 4 weeks of the Spring Clean have been all about getting your house fresh and waking things up after that cold winter. And really putting a fresh twist on your perspective for the season ahead. Spring is truly the busiest season for my family so investing in these 4 weeks to make sure the house is decluttered, wide open and ready to go so we can fly in and out is an investment worth making. I hope this has been a great series to help you get organized this Spring. We’ve got a great Spring Clean Pinterest Board with some great tips and we’d love to see what pins are your favorites. Tell me…

What do you focus on when it comes to Spring Clean and the outside of your home? What is your biggest priority?

Thanks so much for joining us for the March series! If you are just getting started with your Spring Clean, grab our FREE Spring Organizing Printable to get you focused and on your way.We’ve got 3 months down and just 9 months to go for living your very well organized year. I promise you’ll love what we’ve got in April so please come back and as always ~ thanks so much for stopping by!

See you next time!


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  • Damian March 25, 2013, 7:52 pm

    Wish I could take some of your advice but we’re still knee-deep in snow here in the midwest! Maybe next week. 🙂

  • Jendi March 28, 2013, 1:33 pm

    Ugh. We have lived year for about a year and a half and we have neglected the outside. We have the inside pretty well taken care of, but the outside is barren and bland.

    Thanks for the great tips.

    • admin June 5, 2013, 10:14 am

      Jendi if you plan it out over a series of weekends, breaking down the tasks, you’ll find it SO much easier to manage. Good luck no matter what season you are cleaning in =)

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