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How to Shop Now for Christmas Next Year

I love finding great deals on holiday merchandise just after Christmas! Things like picture frames, candle holders, cookie platters and more. These are all wonderful items to have on hand to share with teachers, neighbors, and friends, worth far more than you paid and bringing everyone holiday joy. However this year it seems holiday merchandise is in slim supply and we haven’t even hit Christmas!

I’m a modest holiday shopper, not going overboard and obedient to our family budget. But even for the unseasoned shopper, it seemed Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday merchandise deals were huge and people came out in droves to make the most of them. We replaced one of our faux Christmas Trees and by the time the weekend was over, most of the stock had been purchased and new stock wasn’t about to come in. The same is true for Christmas lights. We finished our transition outside to entirely LED, making the most of a great sale at CVS where we could turn in incandescent lights to recycle and get $3 off the purchase of LED lights instead. However when we went to find an additional piece of yard art for our daughter at Lowes found in plenty the weekend before, again long gone and nothing new coming in.

Which leads me to today. After handing out teacher gifts and sharing my Grandma’s Buckeyes in cute little luminary boxes from Target, I’m already thinking about what to give next year. Here is how I decide if something is worth my purchase this year for next:

1. Something holiday themed: I love spreading holiday cheer and realize that too many cookies can actually be a bad thing. I try to find something that can hold handmade craft or home baked item as a carrier but stand alone on its own as part of the recipient’s holiday decor. This way its truly useful as long as its tasteful.

2. Something new: There’s nothing worse than getting a gift that screams gift closet recycle. While I respect the concept I don’t think its okay to pass things along that its clear that’s what you are doing. If you use a gift closet concept, make sure everything is as good as new, no gift or price tags forgotten, no dents, scratches or damage of any kind.

3. Something discounted 65% or more: Affordable but great quality that reflects its full price were I to pay it. I don’t choose obvious overstocks that make it clear price was more important than the person.


My pick for next year? The Berry and Bow Door Bucket from Willow House.

On sale now for just $11.96 from $36.96 its totally worth stocking up on for friends and neighbors.  I’m a big fan of door buckets and ordered one for myself because I love to mix up our look every year.  What I love about this bucket is the the bow is removable for easy storage but also lets you use dress it up for other holidays too, choosing seasonal greenery and adding your own embellishments if you like.  Finding seasonal decor that lets you modify for year round use is totally worth bonus points!

I hope this gives you some ideas about what kinds of holiday items you can buy now for Christmas next year. Tell me…do you stock up on seasonal items when you find them deeply discounted?

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